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June 24 COVID-19 Update: The next COVID booster shot may be updated for Omicron | OpEd: Most British Colombians believe the worst pandemic is behind us increase

This is a daily update of all the information you need to know about the status of the corona virus in BC. And all over the world.

Here's your daily update with everything you need to know on the coronavirus situation in B.C. and around the world.
All the information you need to know about the status of the corona virus Is updated daily. BC and around the world. Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus

Here's all the latest information you need to know about the status of COVID-19 BC.

We provide a summary of what's happening here so you can see the latest news at a glance. This page is updated regularly every day this week and will be added as development takes place, so check back often.

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This is the latest BC. Numbers for June 23 from June 12 to June 18:

• Inpatient cases: 273
• Intensive treatment: 28
• New cases: 642 {39 in 7 days } • Total number of confirmed cases: 373,974
• Total number of deaths in 7 days: 26 (total 3,722)

Read the entire report Here | Next update: June 30th, 1:00 pm (or later)

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• This COVID-19 vaccine in the fall could bebased on the Omicron subspecies
• Latest BC data According to the report, 273 people were hospitalized last week and 26 died.
• Stroke, blood clot, wheelchair: B. C. The patient describes a rare response to the COVID vaccine .
• Saskathuwanwill start reporting COVID-19 data once a month
• South Africa will abolish COVID rules when the fifth wave weakens ..
• The Quebec Immunity Commission prepares for the next round of COVID-19 vaccination
 , where the state may be shot for the fifth time by the fall. It is recommended to do.
• Denmark will provide some of the 4th COVID-19 shots.
• The Canadian Defense Secretary is and is considering the military's COVID vaccine requirements .
• The United States has launched to distribute the COVID vaccineto 6-month-old young children nationwide.

Latest News

The COVID-19 vaccine is likely to be based on the Omicron variant of coronavirus rather than the original strain. Department experts only bring great benefits to the elderly and those with weakened immunity.

Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax were the first BAs to dominate last winter and have significantly increased infections. We have tested vaccines based on the 1Omicron variant.

On Wednesday, Moderna said the updated vaccine worked well for recent Omicron subvariants and is in the process of seeking regulatory approval.

A vaccine that can bridge the gap between the original version of coronavirus and the Omicron variant is "much, much better" in the fall, a biologist at Washington University said. One Trevor Bedford said. Followed mutations in the SARS-coV-2 virus.

Bedford said it would take too long to meet the regulatory requirements for switching to match the currently rapidly prevalent version of Omicron.

"It's very important to catch up with any of Omicron," he said, significantly increasing the number of Omicron mutations from the original strain that appeared in China in the spiked protein portion of the virus. I pointed out that I did. The vaccine is the target.

Read the full text hereHere

— Reuters

For many, pandemic memories are public Hygiene restrictions — stay at home, stay away from society, wear face masks. To reassure many, these have been mostly lifted. Does this mean we think the pandemic is over?

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Teresatam, recently reported that the COVID-19 outbreak is continuing. On June 13, Prime Minister Justinto Ludo emphasized her claim by showing her second COVID positive.

In a recent Leger survey of Colombians in the UK, 79% learned that the worst pandemics are behind us. Also, when asking this question two months ago, 55% of British Colombians said the worst was behind us, showing a fundamental positive change in public perception of pandemics. Also pay attention to. So do you think we're done with the pandemic?

Given the individual's fear of becoming infected with COVID, this positive change has been curtailed. Fifty-one percent of British Colombians say they are still afraid. Given the data posted on the state's COVID dashboard, this is probably not surprising. Fifty new deaths and 276 hospitalized for the virus this week.

Read the full OpEdhere

— Heather Owen and Jason Allsopp

273 Hospitalization, 26 people died in 7 days BC

According to the latest figures released Thursday, 273 people are currently hospitalized in COVID-19.

The number of hospitalizations is similar to last Thursday when 276 people were hospitalized for the virus.

The number of hospitalizations in June is significantly lower than in May, when the number of hospitalizations exceeded 500.

According to the weekly report from June 12th to 18th, 26 people died within 30 days of the positive COVID-19 test, according to the Center for Disease Control BC, the previous week. It decreased from 61 people.

The number of hospitalized patients during this period was 156, a decrease from 220 in the previous week.

The number of new cases has also decreased to 642.

The Center said that the numbers provided may change as the data is updated.

Saskatchewan will soon report COVID-19 data once a month, shifting from the current weekly report.

The government states that it is shifting to a monthly schedule as the COVID-19 infection rate declines.

As of Thursday, the state reported a virus test positive rate of 4%.

As of Thursday, 157 people were hospitalized for COVID-19, 5 of whom were in the intensive care room, so hospitalizations continue to decline.

The state's last weekly COVID-19 epidemiological report was published on June 30, followed by a three-week report on July 31, and the first monthly report on August 13. Will be released on the day.

Meanwhile, the state's Chief Medical Health Officer should be up-to-date with the COVID-19 vaccine, wear a mask and improve ventilation in a crowded indoor environment. We continue to work with the people.

— Canadian Press

Dr. Anthony Forch, a top US infectious disease expert, said his COVID-19 recovery was a national "model". ". Protection provided by vaccines and boosters.

At a White House briefing, 81-year-old Fauci said he began experiencing viral symptoms on June 14, and was tested positive one day later. He was prescribed Paxlovid, an antiviral drug that proved to be very effective in preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19 on June 15.

"I still feel that after the government became the first country in the world to extend the eligibility of vaccines to 6-month-old young children, the government has done everything. Focusing on the protection provided by the vaccine to people of age, Forch said Thursday.

"I think of my age, what we all are talking about today I think it's an example, "Foch said. "I'm vaccinated. I'm double-boosted. Otherwise, I wouldn't be talking to you like I am now, so everything works fine with Fauci.

—Associated Press

When British Colombians began receiving COVID-19 vaccinations in December 2020 and early 2021. Health officials were behind the scenes. According to a recently published document under the Freedom of Information Act, we carefully track serious side effects from shots.

The 42 pages released contain few examples of serious reactions, but those flagged are millions receiving new vaccinations. It caused an immediate reaction from a health leader who was watching the Canadians.

June 7, 2021, B. C.An e-mail to Dr. Bonnie Henry, a state health officer in the area, revealed that a person in the interior health area suffered a "severe stroke" after being given the Physer vaccine. It is a "bad effect" on the shot.

Read the full text here.

—Lori Culbert

South Africa has abolished the COVID-19 rule requiring masks in indoor public spaces, limiting the size of meetings And at that border, which imposed admission requirements, the Minister of Health said Thursday.

South Africa has the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths on the African continent, with more than 3.9 million confirmed infections and more than 101,000 deaths. increase.

Minister Joe Fara said authorities noticed reports of reduced cases, hospitalizations and deaths and concluded that the limited fifth wave had dissipated.

— Reuters

Manitova Premier Heather Stephanson tested positive for COVID-19.

Stephenson posted on social media that she is experiencing minor symptoms and is working at her home while self-isolating.

Premier says her office has notified people she has contacted in the last few days.

Stephenson recently attended several public events, including the unveiling of a mural painting in Congress, which was attended by dozens of people.

Leaders of other major political parties in Manitova also tested positive for COVID-19 at various times during the pandemic.

Opposition leader Wab Kinu, who tested positive last November, wanted Stephenson to recover quickly on Twitter.

— Canadian Press

Some Quebec adults may get a 4th or 5th COVID-19 shot this fall : Vaccine Commission

The Quebec Immunity Commission recommends that the state is the next round of COVID-19 vaccination, where some adults may be shot a fifth by the fall. Being prepared for.

The Commission says it needs to provide additional boosters for people over the age of 60, weakened health care workers, pregnant women, and people living in isolated areas since late summer. I am saying.

Vaccine members of the group who have already been vaccinated with 3-4 shots as long as the last shot or COVID-19 infection has occurred for at least 3 months. Is recommended before the next injection.

The Commission also states that "basic vaccination" for most adults should be defined as three doses (two initial doses and booster immunity). He adds that the definition may vary depending on the age and medical history of the person. The state

states that rather than counting the total number of shots people have received, the focus should be on boosting the immunity of the population with regular vaccination campaigns.

— Canadian Press

The fourth COVID-19 vaccination will be offered to Danish home residents and people over the age of 50 later this year. .. The minister said on Wednesday.

The reason for the move is BA in Europe. With an increasing number of cases of 5 coronavirus variants, the Danish government has stated that it wants to move quickly to avoid potential restrictions and lockdowns.

"Infections have increased over the past three weeks," said Prime Minister Met Fredericken. "That's why we're acting now."

She said that swift action takes care of the elderly and the vulnerable, avoids hospital congestion, closures, restrictions, and the economy. He added that the aim is to maintain.

— Associate Press

Defense Secretary Wayne Air is considering the Canadian Army's COVID-19 Vaccine Directive. The requirements for most other federal officials have been suspended.

Yale first ordered all COVID-19 vaccinated troops in October, as this requirement protected the troops and the free government adopted a vaccination order for all federal civil servants. He said the aim was to "exercise leadership."

Still, most of the federal government's mission, including civilians working in the Department of Defense and members of the RCMP, was lifted on Monday, but this requirement still applies to people in military uniforms. Will be done.

"Currently, to prepare for a CAF operation to support Canadians in Japan and around the world while maintaining a safe working environment (Man) Dating) is being reviewed. Defense Bureau spokeswoman Jessica Ramirande said.—Canadian Press

White House According to COVID, the United States has a COVID vaccine for young children aged 6 months. The availability of shots will increase in the next few days. 19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha.

US regulators said last week, six months ago. Approved a two-dose vaccine from Moderna Inc for children aged 5 years and a Pfizer-BioNTech 3-shot regimen for children aged 6 months to 4 years.

How many parents vaccinated the youngest child It is unclear if this will be done. Since the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was approved in October at the age of 5-11, only about 29% of the group has been fully vaccinated, federal data show.

Kaiser family announced in May that one in five parents with children under the age of five said they would be vaccinated "immediately" when qualified. Foundation research shows.

Read the full text Here

— Reuters

B. C. What are your current public health measures?

Mask: Individual companies and event organizers can choose to request a mask, but in a public indoor environment the mask is not required.

Masks are also recommended, but for public transportation and B. C. Is not required. Ferries are , but they are still needed in federal government-regulated travel spaces such as trains, airports, and planes, as well as in medical settings.

Meetings and Events: Currently for personal meetings, weddings, funerals, worship services, exercise and fitness activities, swimming pools and other meetings and events. there is no limit.

There are no restrictions or capacity restrictions on restaurants, pubs, bars and night clubs. There are no restrictions on sports activities.

Care Home: There is no limit to the number of visitors to long-term care facilities and elderly support living facilities, but visitors must prove vaccination before visiting. Must be presented. The exemption is available to children under the age of 12, children with a medical exemption, and visitors who participate in end-of-life compassionate visits.

Elderly home visitors should also be tested for rapid antigens or on arrival before visiting the facility. Those who participate in compassionate visits and end-of-life care can be exempt from the test.

B. C. How do I get vaccinated at?

B. C. All people who live in Japan are eligible for the vaccine by following the steps below.

• gov. bc. Register online at ca / ​​getvaccinated to make a reservation in the community.
• Alternatively, if desired, you can register and then access the Health Authority's Drop Inclinic.
• The system will warn you when it is time for the second dose.
• The same system will warn you when it is time to administer a booster.

Where can I get the COVID-19 test?

Test Center: B. C. The COVID-19 Test Collection Center is currently testing only those with symptoms who are in the hospital, pregnant, considered high risk, or living / working together. The risk is high. You can find the test center using BC. Center for Disease Control Test Center Map

If you have mild symptoms, no testing is needed. You need to stay home until the fever is gone. People who are asymptomatic do not need to be examined.

Rapid takeaway antigen test: Eligible British Colombians over the age of 18 with a personal health number visit a pharmacy and include five You can receive a free take-out test kit. COVID-19 Rapid antigen test.

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