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Crime Hunter: Did Sonny Barger slaughter the Quebec Angels?

The doomed Montreal North chapter of the Hells Angels. On a single day in 1985, five were murdered, including leader Laurent Viau, front centre.
Fateful Montreal North Branch Of Hells Angels. One day in 1985, five people were killed, including front center leader Laurent Biau.Photo courtesy of: FILE

Hells Angels Chief Sonny Barger began seeing the traditional mafia in the 1980s. I like what I saw.

Long-time biker bosses, if they want to play in the Major League of Crime, his shabby band of Hell Razor cleans up for their actions I knew I needed to.

Disney-obsessed Hells Angels draws far less heat than tearing through Harley towns and villages, sometimes polluting local girls and crushing her boyfriend's head. ..

Criminal visionary Sonny Barger of the Hells Angels is dead.
Hells Angels detective illusionist Sonny Barger has died. CORBIS Photo/Getty Images

But Burger has a problem, which is out of his control in Quebec. It was a chapter. The infamous Montreal North. They were hitting more coke than they were selling, and many were hopelessly addicted. They were violent and off the rails.

In the world of outlaw bikers, the northern branch was widely hated for lack of discipline, explosive violence, and double trade. In Canada's crime chronology, phlebotomy becomes known as the Lennoxville massacre.

Burger died in California this week and ended his long and fruitful life at the age of 83. His death reminded me of this serious slaughter.


"At that moment [1985], Hells Angels was cleaning up to become a real criminal organization," said Andresedi, a reporter at La Presse. Lot states: A murder case has occurred. "Before that, they were disorganized and unmanageable. They were like street gangsters."

The drug-fueled and heat attracting antics of Montreal North caused concern for mob boss Nicola Rizzuto, pictured, and his Irish allies. POSTMEDIA
A drug-fueled, heat-attracting antique in northern Montreal is the photo mob boss Nikola Rizut and his Irish ally. POSTMEDIA Photo by MONTREAL GAZETTE /POSTMEDIA

Many of the business disadvantages come from Quebec's hardcore bike gang, Popeyes. It originates from the members. , 1977 patched the angel. The new angel just got worse.

"Violence is constantly increasing in Quebec. In the biker world, it's known as the Red Zone. I remember Outlaw's Hitman saying he was scared to go to Montreal." A friend, James Dubro, told writer Patrick Lateny.

Three years after applying the patch, the Angel's Montreal branch was split into two parts, North Montreal and South Montreal.

South Boss's Rejan "Zigjig" Resard took Berger's new directive seriously, but his opposite number in northern Montreal, Laurent "Lenglet" Viau and his knucklehead team. I didn't.

Hells Angels vests on display in Quebec.
The best of Hells Angels is on display in Quebec. Photo: Allen McInnis/Montreal Gazette

If another Hells Angels decides you are out of control, you will have problems. .. In addition, Montreal North stripped off other chapters in the massive blows that climbed their noses.

"The [Laval] people didn't follow the steps others were taking. They fit the traditional image of bikers ... it's a new philosophy of Hells Angels. It was against. Other Hells Angels wanted to be businessmen, "Sedilott later said.

And a ridiculous antique was robbing the policeman of the heat. And, almost just as important, other underground world operators like the Rizut criminal family and the Irish West End gang. This was no longer optics, it was money.

GRIM WORK: Police divers search the St. Lawrence River for the bodies of five Hells Angels. MONTREAL GAZETTE/ POSTMEDIA
Grimwork: Police divers search for bodies on the St. Lawrence River Of 5 Hell's Angels. Montreal Gazette / Post Media

Famous hitman Eve "Apache" Trudeau later testified that the North-South relationship was "ice-cold." Montreal North was a cancer that could upset the ambitions of angels. It had to be eradicated.

By the spring of 1985, clocks were ticking in northern Montreal. Some members will be allowed to retire, some will join Montreal South, the rest ...

The rest will die.

A plot has hatched using the plot of a large party attended by all branches from eastern Canada. Biker Bash was scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd.

Normally, members of the north did not arrive until the next day. Viau and seven of his members rolled in. As soon as they arrived, Viau and four of his members were shot dead. Three people were allowed to live.

But their job was to be wrapped in a sleeping bag, weighed, and removed the corpse abandoned in the St. Lawrence River.

The Laval Clubhouse in the North has been robbed of money, drugs, motorcycles, and everything related to the Angels. Initially targeted, Apache Trudeau was told he could rejoin if he smashed three people, including a North accountant.

Three months after the slaughter, the angler caught part of one of his disintegrations on the line. It led police officers to all five victims.

In addition, divers have discovered the skeleton of Berthe Desjardins, which disappeared in February 1980. The angels suspected that her club member's husband was a mouse. They killed him and her to keep their secret.

In the end, Trudeau and many other angels turned over the details of the Lennoxville massacre, spilled it, and resolved many other murders.

The southern boss Lessard and three others were sentenced to life imprisonment. Eventually everything was released.

While in prison, Lessard had a religious epiphany.

He told the National Parole Commission, "You can be a Buddhist and you cannot be in that environment."


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