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Cubs' Marcus Stroman hopes to widen Brewers' predicament

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Marcus Stroman may be the last pitcher the Milwaukee Brewers want to face as they try to stop their protracted struggle.

Looking to continue his success against the Brewers this season, Strowman will try to help the hosts Chicago Cubs reach his fifth straight win on Saturday.

Milwaukee is battling for his fifth straight postseason appearance but is in a 6-11 rut.

The Brewers had scored just 18 runs in their last seven games in the series opener in Chicago. They hit home runs off Andrew McCutchen, Rowdy Telles and Hunter Renfro on Friday, but he still lost 8-7.

"I think we're going through a bit of a difficult time right now," said Milwaukee right-hander Freddy Peralta, who is Saturday's starting lineup. . "Just play and have fun and try to win."

The Brewers have lost three in a row to the Cubs, losing five of their last six, showing Chicago's low rankings. I am disappointed when I think about it.

Stroman (3-5, 3.96 ERA) has gone 1-0 against Milwaukee this season with a 0.75 ERA in two starts. He only allowed a solo home run to Willie Adams and allowed three other hits, while he walked 4-eight through 12 innings in those contests. 108 against Strowman this season. He allowed two runs in 20 1/3 innings while going 1–0 in four starts in July, but this month he allowed 11 runs in 16 1/3 innings with three outs (7 earned runs). point).

His four of those runs came in his fifth inning, and Monday saw host Washington between the Cubs where he lost 5-4 to the Nationals. , Strowman scored no goals. However, no runs were scored due to poor defense by teammates during that inning.

"I felt strong," said Strowman. "It's just one of those days when things take a strange turn."[38][39]In his career, Strowman started his four games against Milwaukee, and with a 2.36 earned run average, he scored a 2 wins and 1 loss. Rookies Christopher Morell and Patrick Wisdom each hit their two-run homers on Friday, while Chicago's recently acquired Fran Mill his Reyes continues to shine. The Cubs claimed him from waivers from the Cleveland Guardians earlier this month.

After hitting a triple in the series opener against Milwaukee, Reyes said he was slugging with his new club with seven slugging. 368 batting average with 6 RBIs. He's hit safely in all nine games he's played with the Cubs, who have won 10 of their last 14 games.

"We're together, we're like family," Morrell told Marquee Sports Network. "We're going to have fun." 49} Reyes is 0-2 against Peralta (4-3, 4.21 ERA), while teammate Nico Horner goes 7-3 and has two doubles against right-handers. increase. Horner said he's batting .343 at home in 2022 (59-172).

Peralta faced Strowman on his April 10 at Wrigley Field and in the first inning he allowed a three-run homer to Seiya Suzuki. He then threw his three scoreless frames, stole six, three hits and he recorded four walks as Milwaukee won his 5–4 victory.

Peralta is set to make his fourth start after a strained back kept him out for over two months. He hasn't completed more than five innings in any of his recent games, but despite walking his four in Monday's game against the Dodgers in Los Angeles, Peralta said he finished four with four. A solo homer in a -0 loss and he only had one hit.

In 12 career games (seven starts) with the Cubs, Peralta has his 5-1 record with a 3.64 ERA.

Adames is 6-11 with his two home runs against Strowman.

McCutchen has his three home runs in Milwaukee's last two contests.

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