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Rebellious Johnson says he remains the same despite the predicament of the election

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Jill Lawless

London (AP) — Rebellious British Prime Minister Boris Johnson conserves his frustration on Saturday after two fierce special elections There was a stubborn conflict with the party. He defeats a new call to change the direction of the government.

Johnson dismisses the defeat as a predictable medium-term blues, saying that those who expect him to "some kind of psychological change" should know that "it won't happen". Stated.

The Prime Minister told the BBC, "Votes are tired of hearing from the bottom of their heart that I and I are alleged to have done something wrong." What they want to hear is what we are doing for them.

"What I want to do is change, reform and improve our systems and economies," he said.

Despite the bullish tone, this is a dangerous moment for Johnson. Johnson will leave the UK until Thursday at the Commonwealth Prime Minister in Rwanda, a gathering of seven leaders in Germany, and the NATO summit. In Spain.

Conservative defeats in two special elections this week have raised simmering concerns about Johnson's ethics and judgment. The party lost the seats of Tiverton and Honiton in the countryside of southwest England to the Middle Road Liberal Democratic Party, and was defeated by the Central Left Labor Party in the northern town of Wakefield, a post-industrial society.

The result was that Johnson's election magic (his rare ability to appeal to both wealthy traditional conservatives and former working-class worker supporters) was erased with ethical scandals and costs. Surprised many of the parties who were afraid of it. Life crisis.

Conservative chairman Oliver Dowden resigned after Friday's election results, saying the party "can't continue business as usual" and the two Former Conservative leader said it was time for Johnson to go.

Michael Howard, who headed the Conservative Party between 2003 and 2005, said, "The party, and more importantly the country, will be better under the new leaders." rice field. William Hague, Tory leader from 1997 to 2001, said the results showed that the party was "potentially heading for disaster" unless the party leader was changed.

"To do that, members of the cabinet need to train themselves," he said.

Johnson led the Conservatives to victory in the December 2019 elections with a promise to "achieve Brexit" after years of ranting about Britain's decision to leave the EU. ..

His government has suffered from a difficult post-brexit relationship with the EU and is now suffering from the worst living crisis of a generation, Russia in Ukraine. The war is a staple food for energy and food during a period of rapid consumer demand while the coronavirus pandemic recedes.

Johnson's popularity was eroded by months of ethical claims, banning millions of people from meeting friends and family during the coronavirus blockade, while the government. It culminated in a scandal against the party held in the building of.

Johnson was one of 83 police fines for attending the party and was the first prime minister to be found to have violated the law during his tenure. .. Johnson must be held responsible for "leadership and judgment failure," according to civil servants' reports on the "partisan" scandal.

Johnson survived a vote of no confidence by his own party this month, but remained weakened after 41% of Conservative lawmakers voted to dismiss him. Under party rules, Johnson cannot face such a vote for a year.

It is subject to change. The distrust resolution is overseen by a strong party committee, and Johnson's opponents say they will push to change the rules. The Conservatives have a history of expelling leaders they consider to be debt. Johnson's predecessor Theresa May also won a vote of no confidence in December 2018, but pressure within the party forced her to resign six months later.