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Documentary maker sheds light on Donald Trump's "strange and bizarre world"

During the March 2021 interview, it became increasingly clear to Alex Holder that Trump truly believed that the election had been stolen

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The Telegraph

Donald Trump has a Twitter account as a result of the January 6 riot. He himself won the 2020 election, according to a British documentary maker who was "angry" at losing and had extraordinary access to the former president and his family who were convinced.

Alex Holder has made a behind-the-scenes film about Trump and is currently an important witness to Congress's investigation into an attack on the US Capitol.

He was interviewed by the committee on January 6th for two hours and was given a video. This is the Vitriol that surrounds the work of the Commission, and Holders are overshadowed by two armed guards wherever they go.

His three-part seriesThe unprecedentedwill be broadcast on Discovery + later this summer.

When I went to see Trump in Marago in March 2021, two months after the riot, the former president changed, Holder said.

The filmmaker tells the Telegraph: The most annoying thing about him was that he didn't have a Twitter platform at the time.

"In the White House, he was furious and very angry, but in Marago, it was a more depressed anger."

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Holder said that Trump first told him in Marago: Isn't this the most notable flooring I've ever seen?

He states: But it's a parquet wooden floor.

"So he lives in this very strange and strange world, and he must always tell you how wonderful he is, and how wonderful things are."

When the country faced an unprecedented crisis regarding the transfer of power, filmmakers' insights provided a window for the Commission to think of the President.

In December 2020, Holder sat down with Trump at the White House a few days after lawyer General Bill Barr said there was no widespread election fraud.

After that, Trump took 1 minute and 20 seconds to move a glass of water and decide whether to put it in the camera shot.

"It was very strange to witness," said Holder. "It shows who he really is. One of the moments where you can see a very unique behind-the-scenes look.

" People can interpret it the way they want. You can, they might say, "Oh, he's paying attention to the details." Alternatively, people may say that he only cares about his appearance and presentation. Either way, it's fascinating.

I was thinking, "How long will this last?" I was a little upset, like "Can I go now?"

He tweeted a video clip on Thursday, stating: Full stop.

This seemed to be the answer to a quote from a New York Times article. "One near the Trump family said he believed he could edit the project to some extent."

At the time of the interview, Trump truly believed that the election was stolen. It became more and more clear to the holder. The

holder states: He was absolutely convinced that he had actually won, that everything he was saying (before the election) had happened, and that there was actually some cheating.

"I'm not a psychiatrist, but in my opinion this isn't a rational player. Barr said there was no problem (of fraud). A few days later he (Trump) keeps telling me that President Byden has no way to win 80 million votes, that he needs to find a brave judge, and that they are not brave enough to intervene. {

"So he lives in another reality and it's ridiculous to engage in it. It's like talking to a brick wall."

He added: The US President sitting in the White House diplomatic reception room, the man holding nuclear football outside the room, and this man (Trump) are clearly someone living in a different reality.

"It was amazing that someone who couldn't speak in a rational way was in charge of the United States."

Trump said the Republican Governor and Georgia Secretary He started telling him that he was "stupid people" because he didn't help check the signatures of the voters.

As a result, the owner was subcontracted to provide evidence of Trump's efforts to overturn the outcome of the election in Georgia. He said he would cooperate.

The filmmaker said that what happened on January 6th was "predictable" given what he had seen so far.

The footage of his violence from that day was passed to the Commission on January 6th.

For the documentary, Holder also interviewed Trump's children Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric. All of these children were enthusiastic and loyal to their father.

He states: "They are certainly very close families. Looking at this series, we can see that we believe in who is the successor to Donald Trump. Overall suchThere is an atmosphere of inheritance .

"SuccessionPeople have their own opinion about which character is associated with the Trump family character. The bond is ultimately "Trump", name, brand, dynasty. It's all about "Trump".

Holder said that of the three young Trumps, Don Jr. was most similar to his father, but the former president "worshiped" his daughter Ivanka. ..

He states: They do it in a slightly different way.

"Don Jr. is much louder and much more passionate. He comes across someone who really believes what his father is saying and goes further. Ivanka goes even further. Many quoted without quotations and refined on top of that. "

Ivanka said," I was certainly quieter than my brothers in alleging election fraud. "