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Dog owners charged with attacking Hamilton women near the Chedo Radial Trail

Hamilton's woman and her partner have been told by Hamilton City and the local government to handle thedog attackafter encountering a malicious animal in. I want more action to deal with. 5} Last week's Ancastertrail.

Tamara Dufour, 47, hits 30 stitches during a 9-hour trauma center visit after being bitten by a vicious German shepherd on the Chedokeradial Trail on June 23. I had to endure. A week after Hamilton, when the owner revealed that he was facing three accusations, Marcel Camposylvan, who witnessed a better half of him being "beaten", dealt with the aftermath of the attack. I think we need to do more to do.

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"Finally, they issued this order, and that's it, it's not just enough for me," Camposylvan told Global News.

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Camposilvan said he and Dufour are cycling at Iroquoia Heights after 6pm. When I met a man who believed they were in their 60s and his dog tied to an expandable string.

Dufour got off the bike and moved to the side, allowing the dog to pass by. One of the dogs rushed away from the owner's grip and fastened his teeth to his right foot.

"So she managed to beat the dog. It was like pushing the dog away on a bicycle," Camposylvan said.

"When she beat it, the dog was still crazy, so I started using the bike as a barricade."

According to Camposylvan, Dufour He turned to the man and asked for information after he was injured, but left the area without a reply because the owner did not seem to be in control of his animal.

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"He's a little The answer I didn't ... I think I'm just trying to swear to the dog and regain control, "said Camposylvan.

The pair called 911 to request police and an ambulance, and after a while got an ambulance.

After unloading his bicycle at his home, Camposylvan called police and animal services on his way to the hospital to see Dufour.

During the trip, Hamilton Public Health Officer contacted me for information about the dog owner and told me it was necessary to start the investigation.

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pair also launched an online campaign through social media posts, posting leaflets on two signs on the Chedoke Radial Trail. They say this has generated about 10 connections a day in the past week.

Hamilton residents Tamara Dufour and Marcel Camposylvan are involved trail participants after saying Dufour's leg injury. Received as many as 10 answers a day from after a dog attack. Marcel Camposilvan

The city announced on Tuesday that the investigation had begun.

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A week of incidents in line with the OntarioResponsible Animal Ownership Ordinance 12-031I was later charged. Two violations, the failure to obtain a dog license and the permission of the dog to bite a person.

During the ongoing investigation, the owner's name was not revealed by the authorities.

A spokesperson for the city of Hamilton states that both dogs are designated as "dangerous" under the Ordinance, but forced 10-day detention of both dogs is the owner's. It's in your hands.

"Unless the Hamilton Public Health Department believes that the owner cannot confine the animal at home, or the owner chooses not to confine the animal at home, the confinement is under the control of the owner." I emailed Senior Communication Officer Aisling Higgins Global News.

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"Confinement includes contact restrictions Animals are with people outside the family's home and are not booked for off-leash dog parks, groomers or veterinarians only when needed

Higgins stated that the nature of confinement is a protocol for limiting the exposure of mad dog disease to the general public when "animals become symptomatic."

Camposilvan said he and Dufour welcomed the investigation and accusations, but were concerned about the time it took to take action.

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"The biggest thing was my first frustration ... trying to get police and animal services to report this ... In the first three days, "Camposylvan said.

"Everyone said," Oh, I need to find the owner's name, address, and license plate, "but this isn't possible and finding the attacker's information. I can.

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