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Dozens of migrants piled up on the ground in the Melilla disaster, rights groups say

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Rabat — Dozens of people lie on the ground, bleed, and many in a video image showing what happened after a large number of immigrants flew from Morocco to a Spanish outskirts on Friday, killing at least 18 people. Was drawn that did not move. ..

The footage that Reuters could not immediately see was shared by AMDH, a Moroccan rights group working with immigrants in parts of northern Morocco, including around Melilla's enlave.

Moroccan officials said 18 migrants had died late Friday. Some fell off high fences and others were crushed after what was called stampede. AMDH's regional office killed 27 people without revealing the details of the information.

Approximately 2,000 migrants attacked the fence of the enlave and attempted to invade Spanish territory, causing a two-hour violent clash with security forces and border guards. Spanish and Moroccan authorities said. I was injured.

One video clip shared by AMDH is a large number of African immigrants lying densely stacked, their bodies overlapping, many immobile, and a few making weak gestures. , Showed that Moroccan security forces are standing on top of them in riot gear.

The same clip showed security forces overtaking two bleeding, vaguely visible migrants lying on the ground.

Another clip shared by AMDH shows that Moroccan guards are attacking one of several migrants lying prone next to a metal fence.

Moroccan officials said 140 members of Moroccan security forces were also injured, five were seriously injured, but none died.

A spokesman for the Spanish government in Melilla said no one had died on the Spanish side of the border where 57 migrants and 49 police were injured.

(reported by Ahmed Eljechtimi, Graham Keeley, Angus McDowall, edited by John Stonestreet)