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Pharmaceutical companies to increase production of children's painkillers amid shortages: Pharmacist Group

Pharmaceutical companies are facing apparent shortages of children's liquids Tylenol and Advil in various cities. We are expanding production across Canada, according to Barry Power, Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

Power said manufacturers are working at full speed and are It says supply will level off at some point as infections decline.

"Their facilities are going full speed ahead. So they are definitely producing. The problem is the demand is higher than normal," he said. “Purchasing will plateau at some point, and as COVID infections decline, things will stabilize.”

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Relates to peaking regions.

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While the crisis is concentrated in urban Ontario, the rest of Canada has community-specific shortages. He says it has been reported. dealing with high disease activity.

"When people get sick, they need things for fevers and sore throats. ) some centers don't have them in stock," said Power.

But he warns against buying in haste.

"We ask that you do not go out and buy it to stockpile because it will only make things worse. Pharmacies have a constant supply," he said.

“What people are having may be periodic shortages. There may be cities and towns where shortages are severe due to local demand," he added. 43} Meanwhile, two children's hospitals in Ontario are taking steps to maintain supplies of liquid Tylenol and Advil to inpatients and helping find a solution. for children who are discharged from the hospital.

In a letter to caregivers earlier this week, Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children said health care workers would provide prescriptions for liquid acetaminophen.

Some retailers may have stocks of these over-the-counter drugs, while others may only have large bottles that need to be dispensed by a pharmacist.

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“Hopefully,” says Jen Belcher, vice president of the Ontario Pharmacists Association. If you can't find your child's favorite cherry-flavored syrup on the shelf, there are other formulas that can do the trick.

According to her, pharmacists stock liquid acetamino from her bottle without a prescription. Fen can be dispensed.

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In Ottawa, a pediatric medical center strained to supply liquid acetaminophen and generic versions of Advil is one, he says CHEO. , ibuprofen.

The hospital is encouraging parents to ask pharmacists about alternatives for fever and pain management, spokesman Paddy Moore said in an email.

Tylenol The manufacturer told The Canadian Press that its children's products are still available in stores and online.

, we are taking all possible steps to ensure the availability of our products," Johnson & Johnson said.

Demand for cold and flu remedies has increased as the Canadian emerges from his COVID-19 lockdown, said Michelle Vasilishen, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Retail Council. Stated.

Over the past few months, shortages of certain painkillers have continued, with some places being hit harder than others, Vasily Shen said.

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