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Dyson Airwrap Next Generation Review – Updated Hair Styling Tools Now Easy to Use

Dyson Airwrap I've tried the next generation and it's definitely improved

Airwrap next generation
Next generation Airwrap. Photo by Dyson

Dyson listened to customer feedback and did it. In 2018, the company launched Airwrap, a hair styling tool that creates voluminous hair without the use of extreme heat. However, Airwrap was not the average blow dryer, curling iron, or hairbrush. This was a new tool that customers had to get used to and struggled with.

When Airwrap was first launched, it didn't go anywhere. Then TikTok broke out and Dyson struggled to keep up with demand (and still so). As people started uploading Airwrap tutorials to TikTok, more and more people learned how to use the tool. Airwrap creates beach curls worth sending the social crawler directly to thebuy button() .. Original Airwrap)

Dyson listens to customer feedback andNext Generation AirwrapThere are three main differences between the two models. In the new version, the airflow has increased, new hair dryer attachments have been added, and the barrel has been significantly improved. First check the difference between the two air wraps, then the overall impression of the new tool. If you are new to Airwrap or Airwrap reviews, we recommend that you haveread the first review

Differences in new air wraps

Increased airflow:New styler attachments to enhance airflow It has been redesigned. This means that you can style your hair faster with less heat.

New Hair Dryer Attachment:The new styler comes with a hair dryer attachment that uses the Coanda effect, but older versions just blow the hair off. .. The Coanda effect is a phenomenon in which substances such as oil and, in this case air, flow along the curvature of a solid. Air Wrap takes advantage of this effect to make your hair smooth and dry. The new attachment can also be used as a finishing tool to flatten the flyaway.

New barrel:The new barrel addresses the most annoying aspect of the original Airwrap: the need to constantly switch barrel attachments. The idea is that you want to curl your hair from your face. The barrel also uses the Coanda effect, so the airflow wraps and curls in only one direction. The original air wrap came with 4 barrels, 2 different sizes, left and right versions of each. The new barrel has a small knob at the top to switch the direction of air flow. The problem has been resolved.

Fortunately, the new attachment works with the original Airwrap and is sold separately 

Air Wrap Next Generation Review

Overall Thoughts:I have coarse curly hair, smooth and straight I like to wear good hair. Or ideally a beach curl. My hair has no problem with volume. The new air wrap does a better job of smoothing my natural curls into the waves on the beach.

Thank you for the air wrap not getting as hot as a straightener. I think that using only air wrap will make your hair healthier.

Currently, I use a straightener about twice a week (with a touch-up in between), but my hair is damaged. The air wrap reaches 80% of my ideal finish style, but I still have to go through it with a straightener to get rid of any part of my body.

My favorite feature:I love barrel brushes. It does a great job of smoothing my hair, but it provides a nice curl on the bottom. Thus, you don't need to use a straightener on the edges of your hair. With consistent practice, I'm confident that you can completely straighten your hair with just a barrel brush. I'm imagining how healthy it is and considering my commitment.

I love styling my hair with significantly reduced heat damage. It is also ideal for correction. You don't have to get your hair completely wet again. You can make an air wrap just by splitting with water.

My most disliked feature:The barrel is still a bit tricky to use. The barrel has improved, but I'm not an expert yet. It would be great if the controls could be labeled "left" and "right" for the arrows that are currently there.

The machine is big enough that I don't know if I'll be with you on vacation. Dyson's straightener,Colareis slim and fits quickly in your carry-on baggage (this is my{148) } Disney's packing article). Airwrap is a home-based tool.

It's a costly way to grow 80% of your hair, but you're becoming more and more fond of it. I think the important thing is that there is a learning curve. When investing in tools, be patient with the learning process.

Cost: $ 749 .99

Where to buy:Dyson. ca

Airwrap next generation
Next-generation air wrap.Photo courtesy of Dyson

Included items

  • Air Wrap Styler
  • Pre -Styling Dryer
  • Round Volume Brush
  • 30mm Air Wrap Barrel
  • Soft Smoothing Brush
  • 40mm air wrap barrel
  • Solid smoothing brush
  • Filter cleaning brush
  • Storage case (removal lid ... lid is attached First version)
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