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Ecuadorian opponents demand early elections

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What's new in Latin American politics today:

Ecuadorian opposition demands early elections in protest

Quito-A group of Ecuadorian opposition members conservative Guillermo Lasso after nearly two weeks of massive protests led by a group of indigenous peoples demanding lower prices for fuel and food seeking the president's dismissal.

Opposition UNES movement lawmakers called for elections on Twitter – not scheduled until 2025 – moving forward. Forty-six lawmakers need to support the debate over Lasso's dismissal in order to bring the motion to vote, and 92 must vote in favor of it.

Newcomer defeats Grenada's longtime prime minister

Grenada-Grenada's Left won the national election last night, political outsider Dikon Mitchell is the next prime minister of a small Caribbean country.

Incumbent Keith Mitchell, 75, maintained his position between 1995 and 1998, and for almost 20 years from 2013 to the present. The two are not related.

According to the World Bank, Grenada's population was just over 112,000 in 2020.

Dissent artist, Rapper sentenced to imprisonment in Cuba

Havana – Cuban courts are a human rights group.

Defendants Luis Manuel Otero Arcantara and Meiker Castillo are prominent members of the Havana-based San Isidro movement and a group of artists who have led many protests in recent years. is.

Cuban state media said the trial convicted of two charges of contempt and public turmoil was impartial.

Ratham struggling to win the "inflationary war"

Mexico City / Buenos Aires-Latin American countries have some of the most aggressive interest rates in the world, Their efforts to tackle inflation are so far, according to Reuters reports on Friday.

Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he would propose a joint anti-inflation plan to US counterpart Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, the Honduras government has announced that it will freeze gas and diesel prices for four weeks. (Edited by Isabel Woodford by Alistair Bell)