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Editorial: Dr. Tam's massive salary increase is terrible optics

Canada's chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam attends a news conference in Ottawa, March 23, 2020.
Canada's highest public health The official, Dr. Teresatam, will attend a news conference in Ottawa on March 23, 2020. Photo: Blair Gable / File/Reuters

The federal government is a normal Canadian daily concern The massive salary increase that Dr. Teresatam just received is yet another sign, as if he hadn't sent enough signals to be completely unnoticed.

The Federal Secretary of Public Health used to receive $ 265,000 a year, but now it has seen a significant increase of $ 59,400 a year. This was first reported byBlacklock reporter. . In addition, her contract was extended for three years.

Tam currently earns $ 324,000 a year, well below the Prime Minister's $ 379,000 salary.

We do not resent the advanced players in their field to make important coins. But keep in mind that there was a time when civil servants were generally understood to have less income than private citizens. However, due to job security and profits, it was worth the trade-off. But the social contract seems to have gone out of the window.

For Canadians, first and foremost, questioning Tam's high salary is perfectly fair, and more importantly, for most Canadians, when economic conditions are deteriorating. To question her tremendous salary increase.

The federal health authorities' top-up represents a 22% surge. On the other hand, inflation, which hasn't been seen for 40 years, means that Canadians who haven't seen a significant rise this year actually earn less than the previous year.

There is no doubt that Tam has spent a lot of time in the last two years. But there is no comment on the fact that her recommendations to the government impose strict pandemic restrictions, and many people lose their income and savings and never return.

This tone of deaf raise is an insult to Canadians who were financially defeated during the blockade.

However, it is difficult to blame others for accepting a salary increase. Her responsibility lies with her boss who approves it.

What was the Liberal Party thinking? The truth is that they probably didn't think.

The federal government does not seem to be aware that something very basic has collapsed. Airports are confused, passport offices are not functioning, and financial choices are deteriorating Canadians' daily lives.

Another day in Canada for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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