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Editorial: Thinking seriously about intimate violence is a thing of the past

It's scary that there seems to be little effective protection for the targeted women.

Nathalie Warmerdam, left, Carol Culleton, middle, and Anastasia Kuzyk were killed in September, 2015.
Natalie Warmerdam, Left, Carol Kaleton, Center, Anastasia・ Kujiku was killed in September 2015.Photo by Postmedia file

On September 22, 2015, a rampaging beast killed three women in the Ottawa Valley. .. Same day: Carol Kaleton, Anastasia Kujik, Natalie Warmer Dam. Through their investigation into their deaths, which ended this week, the public learned important new details of this terrible slaughter. As part of that work, the inquest examined the violent achievements that the man had already accumulated when he hunted down the woman.

On June 27, 2022, a young man killed two Ottawa women (Anne-Marie Lady and her daughter Jasmine) in the same household. Police did not shoot him on the scene. As first reported by the CBC, the man was charged with three criminal harassment, assault, and sexual assault charges for crimes related to other victims, dating back to March, just a few days ago. rice field. He was the son of Lady's neighbor.

During the period between these two horrific events, more women across Canada were victims of violence from men they knew. It is a horror that continues with the appearance of little effective protection for targeted women.

The full picture of the man who killed two Ottawa women is still unknown, but the 2015 Valley Death Survey is a painful chronology that women are often inadequately protected. Provided.

For example, the man who killed Carton, Kujik, and Warmerdam has already been convicted and imprisoned for domestic violence against two of the three victims. I did. He had a history of mental health problems and alcohol abuse. When he was released on probation in 2014, his records contained one of the highest scores for recidivism. He was known for ignoring court orders. He was forbidden to own a gun, but he had a gun. There were many other warning flags.

This week, an inquest jury returned with 86 recommendations. Much involves effective information sharing about dangerous people between firearms and authorities and potential victims. The jury also wants the Royal Commission to investigate the criminal justice system and focus on the victims. I want to support education about domestic attacks. We encourage you to declare intimate violence as "epidemic" and urge the federal government to consider adding the term "femicide" to criminal law. This is a controversial proposal, but it can cause the necessary debate across Canada.

Defenders of women's protection "will make a lot of turmoil," lawyer Pamela Cross vowed at the end of the inquest. As they should. That's what we all have to do.

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