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The Edmonton Elks match against Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be a battle between struggling CFL clubs.

In the story of these two cities, it was the worst and the worst.

Edmonton Elkvisits Hamilton Tiger Cats on a Canadian day. With these teams' practices, aggressive fireworks may not be on the menu. Both are 0-3 and both are having a hard time moving soccer.

In the case of Elk, pain was expected under the new general manager and coach Chris Jones. He succeeded the team that finished 3-11 last season and was not expected to be a candidate in 2022. However, Ticats reached the Gray Cup final in 2021 and was expected to be big.

"No one would have expected them to be 0-3," Jones said of Ticat before Elk left for Steel City. "They have very good soccer teams, lots of experienced players, great coaching staff and HR departments. They have never been to the Gray Cup and even if it's not a great program so far. I won many games like.

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"We are full of hands, with the right way of thinking You have to board the plane. "

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"I don't think we'll start the season from 0-3, but you can soon see the resilience your teammates have," said 19 passes at 216 yards so far this season. Tim White, the Ticats receiver who caught, said. "I think I'm feeling better now.

" Many people just learn, sit down, look at what the coach says, go out into the field and try to improve it. I think. ”

Despite the various expectations of entering the season, there are many ways these teams can mirror each other. The two teams lead the league with a thrown intercept. Edmonton has 7 people and Hamilton has 6 people. Elk is the last attack, only 303.7 yards per game. Ticats ranks slightly higher, 7th, with 319 yards per game.

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And this is the mirror Another story for. Mirror department. Ticats has scored 46-16 in the fourth quarter of the three games it has played so far. More than half of the points Ticats abandoned throughout the season were earned in the final quarter. Elk collapsed in the fourth quarter with two recent defeats. They held a slim and slow lead against Saskathuwan in the second week and couldn't hold it. With a 30-23 defeat in Calgary last week, Elks led behind in the third quarter.

When it was late, these teams had a hard time. So perhaps the advantage is to enter and follow the fourth quarter?

"You need to learn how to protect your leads. You need to learn how to end the game," Jones said. "This is all three phases (attack, defense, special team), not just one phase. The special team played well, but did not play the best football in the fourth quarter. We have to play three stages of soccer for three quarters so we can learn how to win the game. "

" We are less comfortable I can't be, and I'm not surprised, "said Manny Arsenor, a veteran Elx receiver. "We need to step into the gas and keep going up."

Arsenor said Elk couldn't panic.

"Each game is a new game, so you can't really look at the past to see what the team has done or see the records. For me personally. I couldn't care what was happening over there (in Hamilton). My focus is on how to win this next game, "he said.

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"When you experience a move, someone becomes the victim of the locker room."

In terms of casualties, Elks exchanged American offensive lineman Colin Kelly for Hamilton earlier this week, winning a seventh round draft topic in return. Jones said the next draft was deep and adding picks was a move Elk had to do. Ticats may move Kelly from the right side to the left side of the line.

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"The good news is that I'm that Edmonton I played against the defense of. A few times in practice, "Kelly said. "I'm excited to be able to play again, no matter who I am.

" I'm switching positions, but that's just the person in charge and to stay focused. "

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