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Elder: Liberal tolerance exhibited after the Roe v. Wade reversal

Abortion rights activists block an intersection near the United States Supreme Court to protest the court's ruling to overturn the landmark Roe v Wade abortion decision, in Washington, U.S., June 30, 2022.
Abortion activists 2022 A crossroads near the US Supreme Court protesting the court's decision to overturn the groundbreaking Roe v Wade suspension decision on June 30, 2014 in Washington, USA.Photo: Evelyn Hockstein /REUTERS

Last week, the Supreme Court was Roe v. Overturned Wade. This is a 1973 decision that outlawed the state's anti-abortion law and federalized the matter. The last 50 years of our history were determined by the state.

Critics mistakenly claim that Roe "legalized" misunderstandings before 1973 in a state where the majority of the population lived. doing. Now Roe's reversal falsely claims abortion as an "outlaw." With this latest decision, the legal abortion decision is in the hands of state legislators and their voters.

Interestingly, Roe's judge, Harry Blackmun, expected the effect of the decision to be limited and intended to be interpreted as giving women the "right" to abortion. I didn't. Until the third semester. We know this because his personal work was published a few years after Blackman's death.

Blackmun, a former Mayor Clinic adviser, decides that Blackmun predicted that it was a rare case of medically requiring abortion, as a female doctor had determined. I wanted you to do it.

In 2005, the Los Angeles Times wrote about the release of Blackmun's private paper in the article "Roe Ruling: More Thanits Author Intented." Staff writer David Savage said: "Blackmun proposed issuing a news release with the decision, issued on January 22, 1973. His statement was not issued, but the court gave women" absolute right to abortion. " He did not give, nor did he state that "the Constitution enforces abortion on demand." "It was left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman's doctor," based on the doctor's consideration of "all factors of physical, emotional, psychological, familial and female age related to patient well-being."

If there is any suspicion that the court expected Roe to be almost unchanged about abortion, on the day of Roe's decision, Judge Warenberger said: The Constitution requires abortion on demand.

After Roe's reversal protest broke out nationwide, it is the largest city in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and legislators are unlikely to pass legislation limiting abortion.

On social media, there were calls for the assassination of Judge Clarence Thomas. Neil McKay, a Scottish Grassgo Herald journalist with 24,000 followers, tweeted, "If I were an American woman, I would burn the Supreme Court."

In anticipation of Roe's reversal two months ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom said, "This is about controlling women." A 2015 Vox study shows that the proportion of women is more pro-life than men, such as "slightly more likely to explain that women are more pro-life than men." Don't worry about your investigation.

President Joe Byden blamed Rho's reversal, but more recently in 2006 he had a very different view. I think it's always a tragedy. And I think it should be rare and safe. And I think we should focus on how to limit the number of abortions.

The Mississippi Act, which the Supreme Court considered in overthrowing Roe, made abortion illegal after 15 weeks. But in France and Italy, for example, selective abortion is legal for up to 12-14 weeks. The UK allows a maximum of 24 weeks of discontinuation, but requires the permission of two doctors.

In a debate in the 2020 presidential election, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) Refused to make abortion illegal at any stage during pregnancy. However, according to a 2021 Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey, 80% of Americans believe that late pregnancy abortion is illegal.

The Supreme Court should not federalize the issue of abortion and is now properly returning it to people and states.

Larry Elder is a best-selling author and host of nationally syndicated radio talk shows. 

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