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At the end of the Golden Age, Calgary's Golden Inn will close 45 years later

Calgary's Golden Inn Restaurant, which opened in 1977, has announced that it will close permanently at the end of this month.

"Bittersweet indeed. It's been an emotional rollercoaster, but the time has come," says his Golden Inn co-owner Raymond Lau. “Me and my two brothers grew up here and spent all of our free time here.”

According to Lau, his father, John Lau, was a chef at Honghe and trained as a chef. After taking it, I moved to Vancouver and eventually Calgary.

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"It was really his passion and he really loved what he did," Raymond said. "He worked 365 days a year and did everything from Christmas to New Year's as a Chinese restaurant. Even on the odd day off, he wants to come here to eat and hang out."

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The Golden Inn is known for its heaping servings of delicious food and its late-night hours, open until 4am on weekends.

"It's such a great place for someone who's never been here for the weekend. No," said Raymond. "That's what my father and his group of friends always did. They always went to play mahjong and had a place to eat together.

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We opened late and it hit the spot.Casino People from clubs and parties came here to eat after going to 44}

And Raymond has, over the years, been a politician and a professional athlete.

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"I am Calgary. I'm a huge Flames fan, so Mike Vernon is a regular here," he said. "(He) actually has a table. He always sits there and eats there all the time." There have been tough times, such as the 2013 floods when the area was completely submerged.

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"This restaurant was closed for about six months because it was a block away from the Bow River," says Raymond. ``That was probably the first moment when I realized how meaningful and influential restaurants can be. It was the first time I thought, 'Hey, there's something special here.'"

It was the catalyst for the Lau family to close down the Golden Inn. There are a number of factors that contributed to this, but Raymond says the main reason is to help parents enjoy working hard.

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"My parents are in his 70s and 60s It's nice because it's a teenager, at that retirement age," he explained. “Owning a restaurant is not easy, so give them time to balance and look forward to the next phase of their lives.”

According to Raymond below, the Golden Inn will officially close on August 27th. Until then, customers can enjoy delicious Chinese food until dawn.

"Come on join us for a final meal and help say goodbye."

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