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Florida says giant snails have to escalate

The giant African land snail carries a parasite that can cause meningitis in humans
Carrying parasites that can cause meningitisPhoto by the Florida Department of Agriculture

I like a bad Hollywood horror movie But that's true: Giant African Snail left part of Florida County in quarantine.

CNN reported. Giant snails, about the size of a rat, are an invasive species that threatens human health.

They carry a parasite called rat paragonimiasis to maintain the rebellious rodents metaphor that can cause meningitis.

(Forbes kindly reported that snails catch rat lungworms by eating infected rat droppings.)

Abominable Escalgo 2500 per year It can lay as many eggs as possible. It is very difficult to control the snail population.

And that's a big problem. They are called one of the most damaging snails on the planet by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) because of their ability to chew many acres of important crops.

This isn't the first time Florida has dealt with a giant snail. They first appeared in 1969 and took years to eradicate.

And they were in Miami-Dade in 2011, and it took 10 years (and $ 23 million) to get rid of the shrews from the shade shells.

Currently, they are in the New Port Richey area of ​​Pasco County.

A spokesman for Florida's Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (FDACS), Christina Chitty, told CNN that snails were likely the first to arrive here through illegal pet trade.

Malignant mollusks are kept as exotic pets, but people can leave them in the wild or lose sight of them, and creatures start doing household chores immediately —  Over 500 different plant species they are willing to eat.

They even eat paint and stucco outside the house to get calcium.

FDACS is investigating the number of snails in the county, but the area has been quarantined since June 25th.

That is, do not move snails or related items such as plants or soil from the quarantine area designated by the inhabitants.

If you see one of the giant snails and can't miss it, call FDACS. Due to the risk of meningitis, residents are advised not to touch these creatures without wearing gloves.

The current plan is to treat the soil in Pasco County with the pesticide metaldehyde for three years to control snails.

In addition to giant snails, the sunny states of Florida now have a significant increase in COVID-19 cases,outbreaks of meningococcal disease,monkeys. We are dealing with a surge in cases of meningococcus.andListeria outbreaksare related to ice cream.

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