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A four-week trial begins in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Pig farm protesters

Threeanimal rightsactivists are in the process of being accused of invading the Abbotsford piggery in 2019.

Amy Solanno, Roy Sasano and Nick Schafer face a total of 14 accusations, including intrusions and criminal mischief, during a four-week jury trial. I am.

"I've been doing this for four weeks, so it's inferior to the animals that endure daily on the farm like Excelsior," Solanno told Global News outside BC. Abbotsford Supreme Court on Monday.

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"Nothing. Thank you for the opportunity to share their story and talk about the millions of animals suffering in these facilities every day."

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Trio is said to have been in a group of about 200 protesters who occupied the Excelsior Hog Farms barn on April 28, 2019, Animal Ethics. After the People for Treatment (PETA) released a video allegedly showing improper treatment of pigs inside.

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Disturbing images taken at the Abbotsford Pig Farm – April 28, 2019

In the video, you can see the pigs stuffed into the pen, but some pigs are sick and covered with tumors or dead on the ground. Looks like.

B.C. SPCA investigated the farm but did not recommend billing the operator for failing to validate the video without time stamps or geographic indicators.

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At the time, farm co-owner Ray Binnendyk believed that part of the photo was staged, Excelsior. Said it was one of the first farms in BC. This allowed the pig to put down his pen and walk around freely.

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"I believe some of these photos were performed because they weren't from our farm. I'm not sure, "he said.

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