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German football says transgender players can decide on a team

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The logo of Germany's DFB football association is seen at it's headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, June 28, 2018.
The German Football Association logo is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, June 28, 2018. You can see it at. ..Photo: THORSTEN WAGNER/Reuters

BERLIN (AP) — German football is transgender by allowing all transgender, intersex and non-binary players to make their own decisions. It goes against the recent trend of banning women from women's competition. Play with a male or female team.

The German Football Federation passed a new rule on Thursday for gender-incompatible players with "diversified" or "unspecified" civil status.

"This also applies to transgender players who can switch to their own time or stay on the team they were playing from the beginning," DFB said in a statement. It is stated in. "A person can participate in the game while the sporting activity is taking the drug, as long as it does not affect the person's health. Therefore, the new regulations exclude the relevance of doping.

The new rules will come into effect next season and will be incorporated into DFB's game rules, their youth rules, and amateur soccer futsal rules.

Sabine Mammitzsch, who oversees women's and women's football at DFB, said it needed explanation for a long time.

"There is uncertainty in how grassroots stakeholders, as well as state and regional associations, deal with transgender, intersex and non-binary players. Has been shown for a long time, "said Mamić. "Therefore, they greatly welcome the introduction of national and comprehensive rules regarding the right to play."

This is a transgender women's world swimming at the women's competition last Sunday. This follows the ban on women in the International Rugby League and the ban on transgender athletes in international matches for women in the International Rugby League.

"Regulations on the right to play create even more important prerequisites for players of different gender identities to play," said DFB Diversity Officer Thomas Hits Sperger. I am saying.

The new rules for German football have already been tested at the local level by the Berlin Federation since 2019.

"Experience has shown that this does not compromise the integrity of the competition," DFB said. "After all, everyone, regardless of gender, has different strengths and abilities and only succeeds together as a team."

The German Football Federation is the largest in the world, 700. With over 10,000 members, over 24,000 clubs, about 130,000 teams, and over 2.2 million players in all leagues, divisions and competitions.

State and regional associations appoint trusted people, help grant gender-incompatible players the right to play, and work closely with local anti-violence and non-discrimination officers. And to support them.

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