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Secure Seats: Canada is about to buy hundreds of chairs in the face of a passport office lineup

Services The Canadian office has delayed passport processing and a long lineup, so the federal government will buy 801 chairs for people in line by the end of this week. I am considering that.

On June 30, the Canadian Ministry of Employment and Social Developmentissued a bidentitled "Emergency Passport Office" with 535 armless chairs and 266 armchairs. I asked for a leg.

For both varieties, the government wants a chair with a hard surface "for ease of maintenance", the chair is black in color, supports the lumbar region, and requires it to be assembled. .. The

order specifies that the chairwill be delivered to the Passport Canada office in the Montreal region and another government building in the city.

For weeks, Canadians have reported turmoil in their passport offices, resulting in people waiting in line for hours. An important part of travel documents.

A request for additional seats was posted a few days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the establishment of a special Cabinet Committee"Task Force to Improve Government Services."

The Commission's ten ministers are tasked with working on an "unacceptable" backlog for immigration and passport applications, but there is no clear schedule for this task.

Last week, the Task Force Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Co-Chair of Youth Marsi Yen told reporters that they would like to see "concrete" improvements "in the coming weeks."

The bid originally reported by Politico is set to close at noon on Thursday, and the government expects it to be delivered by Friday.

Asked if a potential unnamed supplier could extend the deadline by a week because of Canada Day holidays, butthe government didn't say so.

"The solicitation cannot be extended due to the urgent requirement to provide a chair to the passport office," they replied.

So far, no "interested supplier" is listed. According to the post.