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Gunmen in general after killing six people in a parade on July 4 in the suburbs of Chicago's Highland Park

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Eric Cox and Brendan O' Brian

Highland Park — When a man with a powerful rifle fires from the roof, 6 people die and at least 20 I was injured. At the July 4th parade at Wealthy Highland Park on the outskirts of Chicago on Monday, the exhibition of patriotic citizens turned into a panicked turmoil.

Authorities said the rifle was recovered from the scene. A spokesperson for the hospital reported that 31 people were injured. This is more than the first 24 from officials.

Police said they were looking for a white man between the ages of 18 and 20 and asked the general public for tips, mobile phone images and surveillance videos to help him find him. They had no motive for shooting.

"We are actively looking for responsible individuals," Security Agency spokesperson Christopher Coveli told journalists. "He may be in the city. He may be somewhere else."

The survey has made "significant progress", he did not elaborate. Said. However, he said the film was taken from the roof of a company that the shooter reached through an alley ladder attached to an unsafe building. ..

The May 24th slaughter killed 19 schoolchildren and 2 teachers at an elementary school in Uvarde, Texas, killing 10 people in the May 14th attack, followed by many shootings. Brings a new shot to the hearts of Americans. People at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

President Joe Byden said he and his wife Jill were "shocked by the meaningless gun violence that once again brought sadness to the American community on this independence day."

Byden said, "We raided federal law enforcement agencies to assist in the emergency search for shooters."

In a statement, Byden mentioned the recently signed bipartisan gun reform law, but said he needed to do more, "to fight the epidemic of gun violence." I'm not going to give up. "

Highland Park North Shore Highland Park Hospital staff treated 26 people and 5 were transferred to North Shore Evanston Hospital. "The majority were injured in the shooting," said spokesman Jim Anthony.

'What happened, my god? A video of social media was displayed.

One mobile phone video confirmed by Reuters but not confirmed sounds like about 30 fast shots, pauses, and about 30 more shots. I recorded what I did. Between the two bursts, I hear a woman from the side of the parade route saying, "My God, what happened?"

Amarani Garcia, who was attending the parade with her little daughter, told a local ABC affiliate that she heard a gunshot.

"There were people running screaming. It was really traumatic," Garcia said. "I was very scared. I actually hid in a small store with my daughter. I feel like it's not safe anymore."

In a social media video, marching Other images of people who left their belongings in search of safety were shown as the band suddenly broke up and ran away.

"Everyone was running, hiding, screaming," said Elissa Kaufman, CBS2 digital producer at the scene.

A 36-year-old native of Highland Park, who wanted to be identified only as Sarah, told Reuters that she participated in the annual parade most of the year from an early age.

"I heard" pop, pop, pop, pop, pop "less than five minutes after some of the police and fire trucks in the parade passed by," she said, first. I thought it was a masket that was sometimes used in parades.

"I saw, but there was no masket. Popping didn't stop ... again," pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, "and I looked back," these are shooting. It ’s a battle, I ’ll run. ”

Highland Park has a population of 30,000, almost 90% white, according to the US Census Bureau. According to the Jewish Telegraph Bureau, about one-third of the population is Jewish.

At least one of the people killed was a Mexican citizen, a senior Mexican Foreign Ministry official said on Twitter.

Shooting could rekindle the American debate over gun control, and whether more stringent measures could prevent the frequent mass shootings in the United States.

After the shootings of Uvalde and Buffalo, Congress passed a major federal gun reform for the first time in 30 years last month, a "danger signal" aimed at removing guns from those considered dangerous. Provided federal funding to the states that enforce the law.

We do not ban the sale of assault-style rifles or large magazines, but by allowing access to information about the serious crimes committed by the boy, some background checks We are taking measures. (Report by Eric Cox, Additional Report by Brendan O'Brien and Caroline Stauffer in Chicago, Chris Gallagher, David Brunnstrom, Chris Bing in Washington, Written by Daniel Trotta, Daniel Trotta in Carlsbad, California, Edited by Mary Milliken, Bill Berkrot and Lisa Shumaker)