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High temperature warning extended for wide swaths of eastern and western Canada

Canada Five central and eastern provinces continue to experience unseasonably hot weather on Sunday, prompting Environment Canada to extend widespread heat warning to day two Did.

Warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology cover large areas of southern Ontario, southern Quebec,New Brunswick,had Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

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Monica Vaswani, meteorologist Environment Canada said the scale of the heatwave was remarkable but not unprecedented. increase.

"Where heat actually occurs, it is primarily due to warm air advection, or a region of warm or hot air rising essentially from the south to the north, i.e., the provinces of Canada. is," she said in a phone interview. "It's not uncommon to see widespread hot and humid air masses."

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Environment Canada High temperatures are expected to hit or exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and when combined with humidity, they are expected to hit the low 40s, according to the report.

Wet conditions are expected to become more prevalent in Atlantic states, Vaswani said.

"There will definitely be higher humidity in coastal provinces due to the additional moisture brought in by the ocean," she said.

According to Environment Canada on Sunday Forecasts were for nighttime temperatures in the high to mid-20s, with little relief from the heat during the day.

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Cooler temperatures are forecast for Monday, but parts of Nova Scotia may continue to experience oppressive heat through the day.

Parts of the British Columbia hinterland on the other side of the country are also in the midst of a heat wave that is expected to last through Tuesday.

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And, at least for Ontario, it likely won't be the last heat event, she said. Vaswani pointed out.

"Several signs suggest that temperatures could be slightly above normal through the rest of August, except for the following weeks, so we should expect to see temperatures before summer ends. ,” she said.

During these very hot and humid months, residents should be alert for signs of heatstroke such as swelling, cramps, and fainting, drink plenty of water, stay in cool places, and keep elderly family members safe. We recommend that you check the status of friends and neighbors.

Summer-like conditions are likely to continue into the fall season, she said, Vaswani.

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``Given the trends we have seen over the past two years, it seems that summer generally starts a little later and lasts until at least mid-September. I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened this year, even late in the year," she said.

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