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Who can replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?


Boris Johnson was scheduled to resign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Thursday. This put an end to the two and a half years of turmoil and helped us find a new leader. ..

Below is a summary of the potential successors to him. However, there are no clear favorites and they are not listed in promising order.


The Foreign Minister is the grassroots darling of the ruling Conservative Party and regularly surpasses the polls of party members conducted by the website Conservative Party.

The truss has a carefully raised public image and was shot in a tank last year. This reflects the famous 1986 photo of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female prime minister.

The 46-year-old woman spent the first two years of Prime Minister Johnson as Minister of International Trade, defending Brexit and was appointed last year as a key negotiator with the European Union in the United Kingdom. ..

Truss said on Monday that Johnson had "100% support" and urged her colleagues to support him.


Former Foreign Minister 55 years old finished second only to Johnson in the 2019 Leadership Contest. He will offer a more serious and controversial style of leadership after the turmoil of Johnson's premiership.

For the past two years, Hunt has taken advantage of his experience as a former Minister of Health, chairing the Parliamentary Health Special Committee, and his current government duties will not hurt him.

Earlier this year, he said his ambition to become prime minister "has not completely disappeared." Hunt said last month he voted to expel Johnson in a vote of no confidence that the prime minister had won slightly.

Ben Wallace

Defense Minister Ben Wallace, 52, is one of the most popular governments in recent months, thanks to his treatment, according to members of the Conservative Party. I became a member. Ukraine crisis.

A former soldier, he was dispatched in 1992 to capture an Irish Republican guerrilla unit suspected of attempting a bomb attack on British troops by a patrol under his command. Mentioned.

He began his political career as a member of the Scottish plenary session in May 1999 and was first elected to the Westminster Parliament in 2005.

He was Minister of Security from 2016 until he took up his current position. Three years later, his division won praise for evacuating British citizens and allies from Afghanistan last year and sending weapons to Kyiv.


Snack, who resigned from the Treasury Minister on Tuesday, said the British people "naturally expect the government to do it properly, competently and seriously." He was preferred as Johnson's successor until last year. ..

He was praised for the COVID-19 Economic Relief Package, which includes a costly employment retention program to avoid mass unemployment.

However, Snacks later faced criticism that he did not provide sufficient living support to his household. The exposure of his wealthy wife's non-domicile tax status and, along with Johnson, of the fines he received for breaking the COVID blockade rules, hurt his position.

Last year's budget for his taxes and spending undermined his claim to put Britain on track for the largest tax burden since the 1950s and to support lower taxes. ..


Javid was the first minister to resign in protest of accusations of misleading the public about what Johnson knew about sexual harassment allegations against Conservative lawmakers. did.

Former banker and advocate of the free market, Javid has recently played many ministerial roles as Minister of Health. He resigned from Johnson's Finance Minister in 2020.

He is the son of Pakistani Islamic immigrant parents, a worshiper of Thatcher, and ranked fourth in the 2019 Leadership Contest, replacing former British Prime Minister Theresa May. ..


The newly appointed Minister of Finance was impressed when the UK deployed the world's fastest COVID jab.

Zahawi's personal story as a former refugee from Iraq who came to Britain as a child sets him apart from other competitors.

He co-founded the polling company YouGov before joining Congress in 2010. His last job was the Minister of Education. Zahawi said last week that becoming prime minister at some stage would be a "privilege."

Penny Mordaunt

The former Defense Minister was dismissed by Johnson when he became prime minister after Johnson endorsed his rival Hunt in the final leadership contest.

Mordant is an avid supporter of leaving the European Union and has made a national headline by attending the now obsolete reality TV dive show.

Currently, the lower trade minister, Mordant, called the party breaking the government blockade "shameful." She had previously expressed her loyalty to Johnson.

Tom Tagendat

The chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee and former soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan have already shown that he will run for a leadership contest.

He is a regular critic of Johnson and will provide his party with a clean break with the previous government.

However, he has never served in the Cabinet and has not been relatively tested.


Braverman, the president of the lawyer who supports Brexit, has announced that she will take leadership. She was severely criticized by her lawyer during her tenure after the government tried to break international law over post-Brexit trade rules in Northern Ireland.

(Reported by Andrew MacAskill, edited by Michael Holden, Jon Boyle, Catherine Evans, Mark Heinrich)