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The famous Hell's Angel shot outside Burnaby's house

Ronaldo Rising, the first convicted biker gang in British Columbia, was injured after a targeted shooting on Monday morning. Expected to survive.

Full-patch Hells Angel Ronaldo Lising (right, in a 2012 handout photo) was shot outside his Burnaby home on July 4, 2022.
Full Patch Hell's Angel Ronaldo Rising (Right, 2012 Handout Photo) ) Was taken outside his Burnaby house on July 4, 2022.Photographs distributed/Postmedia News

The first biker gang convicted of a criminal in BC Was a longtime member of Hells Angels. Shot outside his Burnaby house on Monday.

Ronaldo Rising, 59, is expected to survive the injury after a targeted shot at 7,000 blocks on Patterson Avenue on Monday morning.

Burnaby RCMP was injured near Patterson Avenue and Hurst Street at around 11:20 am. Mike Karangi said.

"When police arrived, they found an injured man who looked like a gunshot wound. When he was taken to the hospital for treatment, the victim was conscious and breathing. "He said. "Police are still gathering information, but the shootings appear to have taken place in the area where the victims were found."

Karanji said Burnaby's serious criminal unit was an anti-gang joint force. "We will work closely with the Special Enforcement Unit to determine if this shooting is related to a gang conflict or organized crime in Lower Mainland," he said.

He did not identify the victim, but sources confirmed to the post media that the actual target was a longtime biker.

RCMP on the scene of a targeted shooting at 7008 Patterson St. Burnaby on July 4, 2022.
7008 RCMP 2022 in the target shooting scene at Patterson St. Burnaby July 4, 2014.Photo courtesy of NICK PROCAYLO /PNG

Kalanj is a witness or driver whose investigator has a video of a drive recorder. He said he was looking. In the area late Monday morning.

B.C. Property Records show that Lising has owned his home in the block where he was shot since 2004. It is currently valued at $ 1.6 million.

Retired Vancouver Police Station. Biker expert Brad Stephen said Monday that Rising was "a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club for over 20 years."

He said Lising started with the East End chapter and was transferred to the most elite nomadic of the 10 chapters of Hells Angels in British Columbia in 2004.

"It is a very rare event that a full patch Hell's Angel is shot in his dwelling. As far as I know, only one other B.C. Hell's Angel was shot in his dwelling, And it was East End Hell's Angel David Swarts back in the 80's. "

Swarts had an all-night drinking party in Sally on April 6, 1988. , Was a full patch member of the East End branch when shot by a friend. Later, his friend killed with the same gun as .

Lising and his fellow biker Francisco Pires were convicted in July 2001 on drug trafficking charges resulting from an investigation by Vancouver police called Project Nova. The conviction was the first in British Columbia. Hells Angels since the club started in the state in 1983.

Lising was arrested again after an investigation into the RCMP called E-Pandora.

In July 2007, Lising was convicted of possessing methamphetamine for trafficking and assault. Less than a year later, he was convicted of criminal contempt for refusing to testify to his companion, Hell's Angel David Giles.

And after being convicted of possessing two illegal firearms on bail in July 2009, Lising added to a nine-year cumulative sentence. Was sentenced to 30 months in prison. 2005 for previous rates.

Both guns — the Rossi .357 Magnum revolver and the Walther .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol — were found at his Burnaby home, and a “kidnapping kit” containing bulletproof vests and a black rose clava was found, gloves, A plastic "zap strap" used as a two-way radio and a makeshift handcuff.

In Lising's ruling on gun charges, Judge Selwin Romilly of the Supreme Court, evidenceshows that he is "a proud Hell's Angel." Said. He had a Hells Angels tattoo on his arm and was often observed wearing Deathhead earrings. His house is full of Hells Angels tools, with a deathhead sticker on the surrounding 7-foot-high fence.

"Evidence also sees Hells Angels as a club ready to use violence and membership in the club as an opportunity to make money." "They have proved that."

Romilly emphasized some of Rising's conversations with Plante in his ruling, including one in which Biker attacked a UN gangster, "They are this. Not welcomed in the "f-kin" state. They are not f — the king was allowed.

He was hired as a garbage collector in Vancouver after being released on parole, but was fired in the fall of 2013 after a post-media reporter revealed his criminal affairs. ..

He regularly attends Hell's Angel Ride and other events, but has made it less noticeable in recent years.

RCMP on the scene of a targeted shooting at 7008 Patterson St. Burnaby on July 4, 2022.
RCMP in the scene of target shooting at 7008 Patterson St. Burnaby on July 4, 2022.Photo: NICK PROCAYLO /PNG

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