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Suspected Shooting at Highland Park: What We Know About Men in Detention

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Robert E, who is interested in the shootings ofat the Independence Day parade on July 4th. Climo III was Highland Park, Illinois. An ambitious rapper whose social media videos and posts show violent and ominous images, often praising mass shootings and murders.

Kurimo, 21, was detained after an hour of Manhunt on Monday when police pulled him after a short car chase. Police did not provide specific information that led them to Climo, but Lake County Serious Crimes Task Force spokesman Chris Coveli told reporters Tuesday that police said, "Climo has been attacking this attack for several weeks. I planned in advance. "

Coveri also told reporters that Klimo was wearing women's clothing to distract him from the tattoos on his face.

"Klimo wore women's clothing during the attack. Investigators believe he did this to help him during his flight, hiding his face tattoos and identity." Talked about a 21-year-old woman. Custody.

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"No information" July 4 parade shooting motivated by race and religion Suggested that: Police

Police said the shooter's attack came from the rooftop above the parade route and gathered to see the Independence Day parade. He said he fired at. Police believe the shooter used an alley ladder to climb the roof.

"After the attack, Kurimo left the roof, dropped the rifle, blended into the crowd, and fled," Kovel said.

"He ran around as if he were an innocent spectator, so he quickly blended in with everyone else."

From there, Kurimo was at his mother's house. Coveli said he walked to and tried to rent a car and leave the town.

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Neighbors, Kurimolived in a housewith his father and uncle I told CBS News that I was there. At the time of writing this article, he had not been formally charged yet, killing six and injuring dozens.

Kurimo, dubbed Bobby, is a rapper for the stage name Awake the Rapper, posting dozens of videos and songs on social media, some with threatening and dark words. Was there.

Authorities fired at Highland Park, Illinois, Robert "Bobby" E. CLIMO IIIpic. twitter. com / H3JGMOOcny

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_)July 4, 2022

YouTubeWrap about an army "walking in the dark". You will see a picture of a man pointing at a rifle, a body standing on the ground, and another person raising his hand in the distance. The rear frame shows a close-up of the chest with blood flowing out and another police car arriving when the shooter is raising his hand.

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In another video of Kurimo wearing a black bicycle helmet and appearing in the classroom, he "like a sleepwalker" I know, "what I have to do", adding, "everything is connected to this. Even myself can't stop me."

On Monday, July 4, 2022, after a parade in Chicago, empty chairs follow the sidewalk after parade participants escape from the Highland Park Independence Day parade. I'm sitting down. Lin Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times via AP

According to NBC News, it was previously open to the public, but Monday night.unavailable at the time of

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26 patients North Shore after filming on Monday According to Dr. Bringham Temple, Emergency Response Medical Director at the University Health Center, he was sent to Highland Park Hospital for a shooting injury.

They ranged in age from 8 to 85 and included 4 or 5 children, he said. Some, including one child, were in crisis and 19 were treated and discharged.

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Of those killed, five were adults who died on the scene, and another of unknown age. He was taken to the hospital and died there. To Jennifer Parker, Coroner of Lake County. Authorities are in the process of notifying their families.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotelling told CNN that he believed that the assault rifleused by the alleged shooter was legally purchasedCovelli also this week. In his speech on Tuesday, he said the rifle appeared to have been legally purchased in Illinois, based on previous information.

Highland Park Police are responding to an incident in downtown Highland Park. Force Fest has been cancelled. Avoid downtown Highland Park. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

— Nancy Rotering (@NancyRotering)July 4, 2022

Today in an interview withRotering seemed to "reflect the desire to commit theplan and the genocidein advance" in some of the suspect's online posts that said it.

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"And that's one of the things you step back and say what happened. Why. Has anyone become so angry and hated? "She said.

"Then, to get rid of it to the innocent people who literally spent the day in the family."

NBC News reports that Crimo was active on Discord. .. This is an online app that allows users to send and share messages, media and files. According to the outlet, Klimo hosts his channel in the app and is full of "Nihilistic Political Memes"

. Commission featured Lake Forest, Illinois, police officers walk Central Avenue in Highland Park, Illinois, on Monday, July 4, 2022, after a shooter fired at a parade on July 4 in the northern suburbs. increase. Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune via The Canadian Press

NBC News shares a graphic depiction of the suspect's death He also reports frequent posts on the server, suicides and murders. Last week, in the last post before shooting, he shared a video ofsquirming

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Click to play video: '‘This is a gun country’: Philadelphia mayor exasperated after shooting near 4th of July celebration' 'This is the land of guns': Mayor of Philadelphia indignant after shooting near the celebration of July 4
'This is the land of guns': Mayor of Philadelphia was indignant After shooting near the celebration of July 4th


200} Today, he saidthat he did not think Climo was related to his previous crime or was known to the police. } Before shooting.

"This is unbelievable to me, whether it's Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas, or Highland Park, Illinois. This is what we accept as a nation. It's part, "Rotelling said. A series of recent mass shootings in the United States

After a series of mass shootings in downtown Highland Park, the building was set up in a parade on July 4th. Law Enforcement Search on Stepping Monday, July 4, 2022 Highland Park, Illinois, on the outskirts of Chicago. Nam Y. Huh / The Associated Press

Suspect's uncle Paul Klimo told CNN that he didn't believe his nephew was working. He told me that he was finally hired by Panera Bread before the pandemic. He described his nephew as "a lonely and quiet person".

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Police do not suggest a potential motivation for the attack.

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Regarding the shooting, US President Joe Biden said: "Jill and I were shocked by the meaningless gun violence that once again brought sadness to the American community on this Independence Day. As always, we were the first responders and law enforcement on the ground. Thanks to the agency.

"I will not give up fighting the epidemic of gun violence."

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