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Homeless comments from Councilor Regina cause frustration from indigenous community leaders

June 15, 2022,ReginaDistrict 7 councilor Terina Shaw chooses to make some indigenous people homeless at a city council meeting I asked if it was.

"Indigenous people heard this. She talked about people with indigenous cultures who don't want to own a house," Shaw said during the meeting.

"I didn't know there was such a person until I heard it from her, so could you deal with it and talk to me?"

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Shaw named ReginaTreatyStatus. Indian Services (RT / SIS) as a source of information for her questions.

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RT / SIS Executive Director Erica Beaudin talks on November 11, 2021 with CShaw in attendance. I remember what I did. She says she had a lot of questions about Regina's homelessness at the time.

"In this situation, I was asked to comment on the condition of the homeless, and the various steps and support needed to realize a safe place for people to live," Bodin said. Mentioned in the release.

"Some of the subcultures of homeless people prefer not to take responsibility for their homes. They can be called" wanderers. " They are a very minority and we must focus on providing access to homes and services for the rest of the people who need them.

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In an interview with the show, she said the intent of the question was to have no home. He said it was to deal with those who might like it, the "wanderers" that Bodin described.

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"I was telling this from the knowledge I heard from someone who caught our attention. In culture, this is what they call, "Shaw said. "How can I help the wanderers? What do they need to help?"

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Show Said that the comprehensive theme of meetings and questions is homeless of all kinds.

"If 10% of the population doesn't want a home, how can we meet their needs," Shaw explained.

"Should we build a shelter where they can come and go to get food and water? What do we need to do as a city? Because we work homeless If so, we need to tackle every aspect of the homeless. "

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RT / SIS has no choice but to respond immediately to what her comments may encourage. " rice field. "At risk is the trust of the people we serve, and of our communities and funding partners."

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When asked about a statement from the show, she said the comments were "absolutely" too broad. For her, the root of her problem was working on the homeless.

"I don't think this is a bad thing," Shaw said, explaining the comprehensive need to deal with many types of homeless people.

"This is another layer to help homeless and struggling people. This is not rude. This helps."

" As a human service entity in our city, RT / SIS provides professional and excellent service not only to indigenous peoples, but to all marginalized people who pass through the door for service. " rice field.

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Going forward, the show said: The council can use this information to deal with the homeless.

"Thank you for drawing our attention as a council. We don't know everything, and this has drawn our attention. This is another aspect that needs to be addressed when tackling the homeless. ”

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Comments The issue was also addressed by FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron, who is more willing to address the bias in the question and address it.

"The City of Regina Takes Ownership and Disciplinary Action Against Misrepresentation of Comments Made by One of Our Treaty Indian Women Leading One of Our Organizations in Urban Areas I am responsible, "Cameron explained.

"Which Coun. The show is a racist and she said she heard what she wanted to hear. Comments by Coun. Shaw needs to be dealt with by Coun. Show and Regina City. , Or further action by our organization may be taken. "

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