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Hundreds of people gather in Sudan after nine people died during protests

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Cairo (AP) — The Associated Press turned into an anti-military march, with hundreds of people on the streets in the Sudanese capital on Friday. The day after nine people were killed in a demonstration against the ruling general of the country.

The United States and others in the international community have been shaken by protests almost every week since the October 25 coup overturned the fragile transition to democracy in this East African country. Condemned the violence of.

Thursday's rally was the largest rally in a few months. Sudanese military officials have encountered protests in a deadly crackdown that has killed 113 people, including 18 children.

In and near Khartoum, the funeral march of those killed the day before turned into a protest, and some are now gathering in the mosque of the national capital after Friday prayer. did. Online, photos of the dead were posted to identify the dead.

A Sudanese medical group, a medical group that monitors casualties from demonstrations, said security forces shot and killed nine people, including children, in or near Khartoum during a rally on Thursday. .. The demo was consistent with the widespread internet turmoil. Internet observers and activists say the government has crippled communications to prevent rallies and slow the spread of news on days when large protest turnout is expected.

Sudan's main democratization promotion group — the Army and Resistance Committee for the Declaration of Freedom and Change — has called for a national protest against the coup. The acquisition overturned the country's short-term transition to democracy after the expulsion of long-time dictatorship ruler Omar al-Bashir in 2019.

Since the coup, the United Nations' political mission in Sudan, the African Union, and the Eight East African Intergovernmental Authority on Development of Development Groups have sought to mediate ways to get out of the political impasse. .. But negotiations have had no consequences so far.

In a joint statement tweeted on Friday, the three agencies stated, "Despite repeated commitments by the authorities, security forces continue to use excessive power and such actions. Disappointed with the lack of accountability. "

Thursday's protests also apply to the third anniversary of the 2019 House of Representatives, with the general election sitting in negotiations with the Democratization Promotion Group and ultimately power. I was forced to sign a sharing agreement. It was expected to rule Sudan during the transitional period before the general election. A coup d'etat last October shattered the deal.

The Western government repeatedly called on the generals to allow peaceful protests, but sometimes angered the protests by engaging with the main generals. Democratic leaders urge generals to leave power immediately.

"I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life in yesterday's protests," the US Embassy in Sudan said in a statement on Friday. "We urge all parties to resume negotiations and call for a peaceful voice to stand above those who defend or commit violence."