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In Good Spirits: Simps Modern Beverage makes cocktails easy for everyone

After all, syrup is not an easy way to add sweetness.

Founders Dave Simpson (left) and Gerry Jobe of Kelowna-based Simps Modern Beverage have tackled Caesars, coffee and now cocktail syrups.
Kelowna-based syrup founder Dave Simpson (left) And Jerry Job Modern Beverage have been working on Caesar, coffee, and now cocktail syrup. Photo courtesy of Simps Modern Beverag /jpg

Gerry Jobe laughs a bit as he describes his business. "We're an eight-year overnight success story," he grins.

In 2013, Jobe and his business partner, Dave Simpson, were still drinking in Kelowna. This was an Okanagan and they wanted to serve a "field-to-glass" cocktail, but in the microseason areas, for example, they had only a few days to use quinces and golden raspberries. So they started making large batches of fruit syrup and then frozen them for use over the months.

After all, syrup is not an easy way to add sweetness. They also bring flavor and texture to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

One day, Jobe was playing golf with some of Earl's people. They were dissatisfied with paying the chef to make a simple sugar syrup for hours every day for a cocktail program. "My ears are fine," he says. He wondered: why not do what they were already doing, but for chain restaurants. And the syrup of Simp was born. Its name comes from both Simpson and a simple syrup. (After that, the name evolved to Simps Modern Beverage.)

However, it took a while to actually reach the cocktail syrup. First, they focused on Caesar mix. Then they developed coffee syrup for 4 years. It was picked up by Gordon Food Services earlier this year and distributed to grocery stores nationwide. Recently, they have secured a partnership with coffee giant Nespresso.

Suddenly they noticed that they were in a very sweet place. And finally, they can go back to cocktails.

They are expanding their syrup line and will be available not only in supermarkets and private liquor stores, but also in cocktails such as JOEY's water melon drinks. We also offer a wide range of custom drink services, including tap cocktails for local restaurants such as The Modesto Butcher at Mount Bushley Estate Winery.

Most excitingly, they will open a "beverage boutique" on 1021 Richter Street in Kelowna's brewery district this summer. Here, the duo will host special events and lead hands-on workshops. The store sells cocktail supplies, including premium syrups, and offers non-alcoholic cocktails. Behind you can enjoy a cocktail on a licensed patio. As Simpson says, "the front is sober and the back is a party."

"That's where we can really be nerds," Jobe adds. "We really want to get back to the roots of the bartender community. It's going to be a lot of fun. Everything you need for beverages is tip-to-tail."

Give it a try 3

Yes, you can make your own cocktail syrup. Please note that you only have to keep it in the fridge for about 2 weeks. Here are three basic attempts.

Simple syrup

As the name implies, this is a component of all syrups. Boil 1 cup each of sugar and water, stir frequently, then simmer until the sugar dissolves. Chill, pour into a glass jar and keep chilled. Uses: Countless drinks, including Tom Collins.

Mintha syrup

Put 1 cup each of sugar and water in a pan with plenty of mint leaves. Bring to a boil with stirring until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat, soak for about 30 minutes, then strain mint. Use with lemonade or mint julep.

Ginger syrup

Peel and slice 6 inch (15 cm) ginger. Put ginger in a saucepan with 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water, and if necessary, 1 teaspoon of black pepper. Bring to a boil and simmer with stirring until the sugar dissolves. Let it cool overnight and then strain it. Use with ginger beer (just add soda water) or margarita.

Recipe: Lavender French 75

Lavender French 75.
Lavender French 75 ..Photo courtesy of/jpg

This lovely floral take of a classic cocktail is courtesy of Simps Modern Beverage.

Combine gin and syrup in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake violently for 15 seconds. Double the force on the coupe or champagne flute. Top in the choice of sparkling wine or champagne. Decorate the twigs of lavender. Serve 1.

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