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Indigenous films aim for "the doctrine of discovery" prior to the Pope's visit to Canada

A new documentary film will premiere next week in Vancouver, exploring the relationship between the 5th century Pope Edict and the subsequent colonization of indigenous peoples and the disposal of their land.

The announcement of the doctrine of recoveryis consistent with Pope Francis' planned visit to Canada in late July, following a national reputation for housing schools. ..

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This movie is the origin of the name "Doctrine of Discovery", a legal principle distilled in the late 1400s, occupied by Christians by "discovery". Justified the colonization and seizure of land that was not.

"(It) gave permission to Europeans to invade, steal, rape, and kill mainly North and South America, and other indigenous territories. The environmental ambassador told Global News.

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Camp Holineck TricksterActress Crystle Lightening of the Enoch Cree Nation and award-winning MMIWG documentary presenter Langley Hayes,SayHerName.

The film argues that the doctrine continues to resonate with US precedents and Canadian Indian law and must be revoked by the Pope.

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In March, a delegation of indigenous leaders met with Pope Francisco in Vatican and called for the withdrawal of the Pope there.

Now, given the Pope's imminent visit, the film's premiere at the Annual Meeting of the First Nations Conference was no longer timely, and was the Secretary and Accountant of the Indian Chief of BC. Kukupi Judy Wilson, the clerk, said.

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"Like the work done in the field to deny the doctrine of discovery, this is all It's an important message for people, "she said.

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Although the documentary covers centuries-old disciplines It still focuses on how important the doctrine of discovery is, approaching every aspect of modern indigenous life.

"Our land has oil sands, hydraulic fracturing, and mining devastation. You don't have to look at it from a distance. It even accumulates in an artificial climate crisis," Wilson said. Mr. says. ..

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Filmmakers "Leave a lasting impression on the value of Mother Earth and why the doctrine of discovery must be replaced with a statement that recognizes the indigenous people, their land has dignity and respect.

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"The doctrine of recovery is that people are within the laws of nature. It's like a process of regaining how to live and how to adjust human laws. In the context of the laws of nature, where they are, "Camp Horniek said.

"As an elder, the prophecy of the people of the indigenous community was that, like the previous generation, we were responsible for paying attention to what the life of the seven generations would be. In other words, Mother Earth, the only mother of all of us, to ensure a place with clean water, good food, and clean air. "

This movie is July 5th. It will premiere at the Vancouver Convention Center on Tuesday.

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