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Inside the CFL: Linebacker Chip Cox Roaming Field, a special team on the way to the Hall of Fame

Former Alouette, one of the rare types of athletes selected in the first year of qualification, will take office in September.

Linebacker Chip Cox at Alouettes training camp at Bishop's University in Lennoxville on May 29, 2016. "It took a while, but I'm getting my roses," Cox said about being selected to enter the CFL Hall of Fame. "This justifies the hard work and sacrifices I put in for the game. When you're working out, giving up time with your family, being away and then, to be honoured for it and recognized for it ... it's a great honour."
Alouettes training camp at Bishop's University in Lennoxville in May Linebacker Chip Cox at 29th, 2016. "It took me a while, but I got the roses," Cox said of being selected for the CFL Hall of Fame. "This justifies the effort and sacrifice I've spent on the game. It's a great honor to give up, leave, and be honored and acknowledged with your family when you're exercising. Photo by Dario Ayala/Montreal Gazette

Former Alouette guard Pierre Vercheval Explains when he became an RDS commentator about the role of a strong sidelinebacker for viewers, he said Chip Cox in13 seasons

. It is mentioned as an exquisitely played position. Other than this, higher awareness: On Tuesday, the CFL announced that Cox is part of the 2022 Canadian Football Hall of Fame class, which will be introduced in September this year. It's undeniable that Cox was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Alouette, but most players nod in the first year of qualification, with the exception of quarterbacks like one of this year's winners, Anthony Calvillo and Ricky Ray. not here. It requires a special kind of athlete.

"That's it because the first ballot was named," Cox said this week from his home in Columbus, Ohio. "It's like the cherry blossoms above. You're rewarded — finally. It took me a while, but I got the roses. This justifies the effort and sacrifice I spent on the game. To give up, leave, and be praised and acknowledged for your time with your family when you are exercising ... it's a great honor. "

Cox arrived in Montreal in 2006, at just 5 feet 9 and 185 pounds, a year after being signed as an undrafted free agent by the Detroit Lions. He was originally a defensive back, but T.J. After the release of, he (reluctantly) switched to a linebacker three seasons later. hill.

It was Jim Pop, a former Alouette general manager, who advised Cox, the position ofborn to playin Canada. He will continue to cover, but he tackled his coveted role and played near the Line of Scrimmage to engage in a blitzkrieg.

In 228 games, Cox recorded 926 tackles, but still did not reach 1,000, so he recorded 32 quarterback sack, 23 intercepts and 28 forced fumbles. A four-time league all-star, he was named CFL's Outstanding Defensive Player in 2013, following his career's best 108 tackles, 12 sack, and 4 intercepts.

However, Cox, who enjoyed playing and playing on the field, was used by a special team to block the kick. He holds the CFL record with six fumble returns in touchdown and shares the record with the longest fumble return (108 yards in 2011). Indomitable Cox missed only one match from the rookie season to 2017. In early October 2017, I suffered a knee injuryat the end of theseason.

"If you're the best player, you should play as much as you can," explained Cox, who turned 39 on Friday. "If you really like this game, don't complain about playing. Go. You grow up wanting to play. You have the right to be an adult (and a professional) and not do certain things. If you're perfect for it, play. If you're tired, you're not ready. Tired is no excuse. "

Cox in four Gray Cups He participated and won consecutive titles in 2009-10. He was part of some terrible team in the last four seasons, but the opposite quarterback finally gave him the ultimate compliment. As a freshman in high school, Cox remembers telling his coach that he not only wanted to cover the best receivers, but also wanted to tackle electric shock. He didn't become a starter until he was in the 4th grade.

"I hadn't attended all the meetings at college, but I kept driving and my work (ethics) wasn't shaken," Cox became emotional. "Even when I wasn't playing in high school, I was still trying to get better. For what. One day, when I had a chance, I never got out of the field. I never. I still worked to reach that next level. One day I always knew I would win when I had the opportunity to put my talents in front of people in my right eye. "

Despite individual praise, Cox reported to the training camp each year for fear of losing his job. Or worked as if he was trying to steal someone's position. He was often misunderstood by the media. His resistance to making the interview painfully obvious. But for those who repeatedly sought him out and asked compelling questions, Cox was approaching and enlightening.

He tried the NFL only once when he signed to Washington in 2007, but he doesn't regret not being able to leave the mark. Instead, he remained loyal to Alouette and repeatedly resigned, spurring potential free agents. Of course, he also received a wealth of rewards. Once upon a time, he created the league'shighest-paying defenderby popping.

Former defensive coordinator Chris Jones, now head coach and GM of Edmonton, advised Cox as a newcomer, although he could expect many opportunities for the NFL. Perhaps grass is not always environmentally friendly.

"Such things have sympathized with me throughout my career," Cox said. "There's something good in Canada. The conversation stuck to me. So I stayed at CFL for a long time. I could gamble and seize the opportunity for myself, but something good. If so, why not let it go? "

Recently, Cox owns a 9-hole public golf course and gym. He also has five weeks to graduate from the Columbus police academy.

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  3. Linebacker Chip Cox at Alouettes training camp at Bishop's University in Lennoxville on Sunday, May 29, 2016. Linebacker Chip Cox at Alouettes training camp at Bishop's University in Lennoxville on Sunday, May 29, 2016.

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