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Inside the Chaotic Secretary of State's office at the First Nations plenary session

First Nations when RoseAnne Archibald was assigned to the office as the first female president of the First Nations General Election following the victory in the elections last July. From the people who work in the politics of , it was seen as follows. Dream career opportunity. 

Now, a year after her first term, what was considered an opportunity to herald a new era at the First Nations Plenary Session (AFN) under the leadership of women. However, it moved to the turmoil in the workplace. The person who talked to CBC News.

Archibald faces aexternal investigationcaused by complaints of bullying and harassment from four senior officials hired to move to Ottawa to run the country's chief's office. doing. 

Three of the four petitioners were women, and CBC news learned.

Archibald's Deputy Chief of Staff has also filed her own complaints against four staff members and senior AFN officials, CBC News also learned.

Internal tensions within Archibald's office have now put AFN, a national organization that defends 634 indigenous peoples, into an unprecedented crisis. 

Archibald suspended herafter issuing a public statement accusing four employees of demanding payments of more than $ 1 million in Severance. Opposes the majority of regional chiefs. 

Also, the National Chief may face a distrust resolution at next week's annual meeting in Vancouver. This has never happened in the history of an organization. Archibald was banned from attending Vancouver Parliament, according to an AFN statement sent late Thursday, but AFN overturned that decision.

CBC News reviewed several documents related to complaints and interviewed seven sources who were directly aware of the internal workings of AFN.

Records and interviews depict the most detailed picture of the malfunction of the Secretary's Office to date.

On May 18, Prince of Wales meets with Prime Minister RoseAnne Archibald of the Assembly of First Nations at a reception hosted by the Governor of Ottawa. did. (Ian Vogler / AP)

Archibald requires staff to participate in "daily rituals of semi-religious, psychological therapy, psychoanalysis" and other AFNs. He claims to have hired them in his plans for his employees. He argues that they are facing "the power of darkness" aimed at undermining "the work of God."

CBC News secretly spoke to seven sources because they were afraid of retaliation at work if named.


In early May, when Archibald delivered a petitioner called "Ultimatum" to the highest-ranking staff, an event came to mind. .. Sources said to dismantle or escape part of the tissue.

According to seven sources, Archibald focused on targeting AFN staff who were considered loyal to his predecessor, former President of the People's Republic of China Perry Bergard. ..

According to the complaint record, Archibald has shown "paranoia" to CEO Janice Siavaria. 

Ciavalia was hired by the Executive Committee during Belgard's last term to oversee AFN's non-political sector, known as the Secretariat, with more than 170 employees in policy operations. I am devoting myself. 

"She [Archibald]" defeats the entire secretariat "because" they "are coming to catch her and" the power of darkness "is working within the secretariat." I said I need to. "One complaint to read.

"She said the CEO was behind it, with the local chief and all the staff of the secretariat," the document reads. 

Archibald has staff members in the First Nations plenary session, according to seven sources who spoke to CBC News. The focus was on targeting. Her predecessor, former President of the People's Republic of China, Perry Bergard. (Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press)

Archibald declined an interview with CBC News on Thursday, responding to unproven allegations. 

Her lawyer, Aaron Dettler, called the accusation "inappropriate and inaccurate."

CBC News also contacted Ciavalia, but Ciavalia did not comment on this.

Complaints blame the President for causing "one-time-buried trauma"

Interviews and complaints records reviewed by CBC News in Archibald It also reveals new details about management styles.

In one case, when she visited New York City in April for a meeting with the United Nations, Archibald picked out staff and revealed the most traumatic events that happened in her childhood. I put pressure on it. 

The staff eventually forgave after the incident that "caused the trauma that was once buried," but complained that they were "embarrassed and ridiculed."

When asked about a complaint from CBC News, Detrar called it "simply false" and "inaccurate."

"As part of the larger agenda, the weakening of the President is underway," he said. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rituals cigarettes with Williams Lake First Nations Chief Willy Cellars, Right, First Nations plenary session Put it on fire for March 30, B. C. Mark Miller, President of the People's Republic of Rosanne Archibald, Left, and Minister of Indigenous Relations, on the former grounds of the St. Joseph Mission Residential School in Williams Lake. (Darryl Dyck / Canadian Press)

Before the controversy broke out, sources said Archibald was part of the decolonization training mentioned in the complaint at the end of May. Said that it plans a two-day forced "rewilding" withdrawal for its staff. According to the 

document, Archibald planned to hire her personal "sound therapist" to lead the retreat.

"The component dealt with personal issues / trauma that should be a personal choice, with no place to be openly discussed with'strangers'," the document reads. I'm out.

"We were also said to be" damaged "and needed this training to heal. 


Sources said the issue escalated within the President's office after Archibald requested senior officials to assist in the dissolution of the Secretariat. It is said that it has started. 

This is a significant departure from her election pledge to establish a "healthy boundary" between AFN's political and administrative bodies, and she is the Chief of Ontario. Achieved as a regional chief.

In an interview with APTN News on June 24, Archibald said that if the body disbanded, about 200 secretariat staff would continue to work.

However, according to AFN sources, it is not the way Archibald presented her plans to the four senior employees who are currently on paid leave until the results of an external investigation are available.

First Nations Prime Minister RoseAnne Archibald (front left) at the Assembly of First Nations gave Arlene Halden a Christmas hamper containing turkeys and other foods. Supporting distribution to members of Musqueam First National on December 17, 2021 in Vancouver. (Daryl Dyke / Canada Press)

On May 6, according to AFN sources, Archibald met with staff, where she warned. Her work can be jeopardized by the possibility of her distrustful vote against her. According to sources, she encouraged them to consider their options and promised a reference.

In a May 12 email reviewed by CBC News, four senior staff members told Archibald to "negotiate a fair severance pay, including full payment for the remaining two years. I asked to confirm that it was "open". Agreement.

Archibald said she needed to forward their request to the CEO to assist her deputy chief of staff, according to an email read by CBC News, on the final day. I asked when it would be. 

The President of the State does not have the authority to approve or reject the proposed severance pay package in accordance with AFN policy. That responsibility lies with the CEO, who must comply with Canadian Labor Law.

Nevertheless, Archibald told CTV News and APTN News that she refused to approve such a severance pay.

"I felt it was unethical," Archibald said in an interview with APTN on June 24th.

"Our indigenous people need clean drinking water. They need good housing. They need the right amount so that I can start working on those issues. I need me as the head of state to have a healthy working space with staff, "she told CTV on June 23. B on March 24 to confirm the damage caused by the wildfires last summer and the floods in November. C. To the west of the benefits of. (Darryl Dyck / Canadian Press)

No formal request to pay severance pay was sent According to sources, by the petitioner. They also said that severance pay from the National Chief's senior staff comes from her office budget, not money for the community. 

Before Archibald published her allegations, four senior staff members contacted Archibald after receiving her email reply and said she had not resigned. ..

Four senior staff members complained to Archibald shortly thereafter through AFN's whistleblower policy, as sources said they were afraid of retaliation.

AFN has introduced a whistleblower policy following a previous investigation into allegations of bullying and harassment against Archibald from her time as Ontario's regional director, with AFN staff secretly. I have made it possible to file a complaint. 

(Last year, another investigation was conducted on these allegations, but no one wanted to file them publicly to file a formal complaint, so the investigation was conducted. Finished.)

Archibald Counterattacks

On Wednesday, a few days before the Vancouver Parliament, Archibald was four senior staff members from her deputy chief of staff, Joyce Hunter. Chief of Staff Ciavalia and a member of the Executive Committee. 

In a complaint filed on June 29, Hunter wrote in that he had not seen or experienced bullying, intimidation, or harassment by Archibald. ..

She shouted in a crowd of staff on December 7, 2021 because she said she was not happy with what the group had prepared for Archibald's closing comments at the Special Chief. The assembly that blamed one of the four staff who claimed.

"After this, we became afraid of them," said a complaint shared by Archibald.

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Archibald also favors the staff within the Secretariat, Attached a statement from a former AFN recruitment officer claiming corruption, injustice and abuse. 

And on June 17, Archibald was one of the complaints from another whistleblower. AFN employees have accused the same senior staff of clashing with the CEO after hearing one of the staff critically speaking to the CEO about the president.

Pikuwa Kanagan First Prime Minister Wendy Jocco's Algonquin brings an urgent resolution to the end of Archibald's "illegal suspension" to the parliamentary floor next week for third-party forensic audits and climb investigations. Eat "toxicity, corruption, gender discrimination and lateral violence" within AFN.

Archibald's lawyer claims that her suspension is illegal.