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Iran tests Zuljanah satellite launcher for the second time – TV

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Dubai-Iran tests its Zuljana satellite launcher a second time in a move that could irritate Washington as indirect negotiations between its enemies are expected to resume in 2015 to revive its nuclear weapons. It was reported on Sunday that it was carried out. Agreement.

The United States is afraid that such long-range ballistic techniques used to put satellites into orbit could also be used to launch nuclear warheads. Tehran has denied US charges.

"The third development phase of the Zuljanah satellite launcher is based on a combination of information obtained during today's launch," a Pentagon spokesman said. I told the state TV without telling.

This announcement was made as a month-long impasse in indirect negotiations between Tehran and Washington to secure a 2015 agreement that curtailed Tehran's nuclear program. Is expected to be broken in the next few days. Relaxation of sanctions.

Last year, the United States expressed concern for the first time in the successful launch of a domestic satellite launcher, stating that Tehran aims to help achieve the "most powerful rocket engine."

Zuljanah is a three-stage satellite launcher that uses a combination of solid and liquid fuels. (Report by Dubai Newsroom, edited by Toby Chopra)