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"It gives me a lot of closures": B.C. Woman reconnects with the couple who saved her life

The three British Columbia residents are pleased to be able to meet again almost a year after the tragic situation first brought them together.

Katie Potts was seriously injured last summer in a horrific accident on the Kokihara Highway in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. The couple stopped to help.

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But in June, almost a year after the clash, Potts was able to find her couple who believed she had saved her.

It all started on the morning of July 11, 2021 when Potts and her boyfriend were home from a camping trip. Their car was off the road near Larson Hill and Potts was kicked out of the car with her seat.

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"My boyfriend fell asleep behind the car, and from what I remember I Also slept, and I woke up, and I was in the grass, "Potts said in an interview from Maple Ridge's home.

"I was really scared. I looked down. I saw my legs amputated at the scene. My hands were pretty wet like a puddle or something. I felt and eventually lost three fingers. "

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Potts did not know until later that she had injured her back.

"It was really scary, the doctor told my dad I wasn't sure if I could walk again because of my back injury. After I was paralyzed. It was 3 millimeters, "she said.

Potts said her boyfriend picked her up and took her to her highway.

"We were swinging down the car to get people's attention. Those who Marilyn and Jarod stopped," Potts recalls.

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Marilyn and Jarod Thomas see smoke near the freeway that morning, her daughter I was on my way to Vancouver to meet.

"We pulled because a young companion was waving her arm. I didn't even know there was another person there until he threw her into the backseat of my car. It was, "said Jarod Thomas.

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Fainting as if dying, Potts said he had called his boyfriend.

"Jarod took out his hoodie string as soon as he said," I feel like I'm dying. " He tore the hoodie string and then tied my leg, and my boyfriend grabbed his hoodie string and tied my hand to stop the bleeding, "Potts said.

Marilyn Thomas said she tried to wet the lips of a young woman so she wouldn't get dehydrated.

"You just go to work and say,'Well, now we have to take care of her and do whatever we can,'" says Marilyn Thomas. I did.

When first responders arrived, Potts was treated and Marilyn and Jarod Thomas were worried about what happened to a seriously injured young woman who didn't know her name.

They wondered if she did it.

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"We tried to find out about this accident on the freeway, but we couldn't find anything," Marilyn said.・ Thomas said.

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Potts was also thinking about a couple who stopped helping.

"When the ambulance came and told everyone, I wouldn't be here today if they didn't stop.'I feel I'm going to die.'" ... They wouldn't have been in time because I had lost so much blood, "Potts said.

In June, almost a year after the crash, Potts believed he saved his life thanks to aviral social media postby his family friends. I was able to find it.

"She made a huge post, and it just became viral. I didn't expect it, but for what and for whom I live I'm very grateful to everyone who did this for me, as it gives me a lot of closures to finally know what I'm doing, it's for them, "Potts said. rice field.

Visitors from the Vancouver Rescue Team suffering from Lake Skaha – June 19, 2022

They call and potts I would like to visit the couple later this summer.

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"As soon as I heard her voice, I started to shed tears," Potts said.・ I said I talked to Thomas.

The rescue team was just as happy to know that Potts had survived and recovered.

"She is very brave and very elastic. She is just a wonderful young woman," said Marilyn Thomas.

"We are not guardian angels. We are not heroes. We are ordinary people who do everything that ordinary people should do, and it helps us to stop."

Despite the doctor's concerns, Potts is walking again and looking forward to swimming with his niece after getting his first prosthesis.

"Without Marylin and Jarod, I wouldn't have enjoyed these little things. Every morning I just wake up and thank them," Potts said. Told.

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