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Jamie Sarkonak: Federal Government Effectively Declares a Symbol of Hatred to Red Ensign

There is no place in the federal government to crack down on the political views of students

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Federal government should monitor K-12 teachers Train students to retain a particular political view that should not be directed. However, this is part of a project where the Canadian Heritage Agencypaid $ 268,400.

Launched June 29, theEducational Tool Kitwas created by the Federal Government-sponsored Canadian Anti-Hate Network and announced in collaboration with the government. Being and seeking politically correct cultural changes at schools across Canada. Its 50-page guidebook aims to combat and prevent hatred. This is fine as long as political beliefs, critical thoughts, and the evils faced do not include Canada's previous national flag.

Some of the militant groups and hate symbols described in the guidebook are correctly classified as such, but extend this to "problematic" politicians and policies. I am. For example, in aseries of examples of hatred that must be dealt with in the classroom, the guidebook argues that among those who pay homage to Hitler, they support the border wall of former President Donald Trump. We have students.

This is clearly overkill — the federal government has no place to enforce political beliefs on students. Canadians have the freedom to agree or disagree with Trump, and students should be able to agree or disagree with his policy.

Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion, should not enthusiastically support a guidebook that instructs teachers to force students not to express themselves, but here. It is in. The

guidebook encourages identity-based activities in the classroom, andeducators have "diversity and forgiveness" in the classroom, including pride flags, culturally positive posters, and portraits. Increase the visibility of the symbol of. " Of people from historically estranged groups. It's good for teachers to foster a cozy environment, but it's Gistopian that the federal government guides them to do it in a particular way.

Students who do not follow this illegal story should record their concerns and dismiss them, according to the toolkit. "Often these students are just dogmas to offer, but some students may have the ardent and complex stance that led them to this point," he says. The

guidebook includes the official Canadian flag until 1967, the flag that fought fascists in World War II,Red Ensignas a symbol of the promotion of hatred. It is listed. Its use by the modernFlynn Movementshould not invalidate its position in Canada as a symbol of unity, but the guidebook still states: Mainly white. If anything, the mainstream should get it back.

Canadian Red Ensign (1957-1965). Getty Images/iStock Photo
Canadian Red Ensign (1957-1965) .. Getty Images / iStock Photo

Ironically, this document takes the harmful stereotype that women are permanent victims ofhatred.Women with wrong politics say they are useful advertisersFor men who want to use them to spread a large familyAgree with the progressiveism of a particular brand Unless otherwise, it seems to encourage the view that women do not have agents.

To ensure compliance and accountability, the guidebook encourages peer-to-peer monitoring.suggests that students monitor each other's activities outside theclass and review source material for "problem affiliations." Throughout the

document, it conveys disgusting content witnesses to collect evidence, document their experiences, and report to multiple trusted adults in the school system. It encourages some level of institutional paranoia, saying that virtually everyone is obliged to implement these new social norms for everyone else.

Monitoring should also be proactive. Some of its "Best Practices" include both school-owned and individual student devices, if possible, at any time before, during, or after distribution of "Promoting Hate". There are some recommendations for schools to search for. idea. Of course, this seems too wide, considering that it violates the basic privacy of the students and the majority of the students are not worthy of being searched for for some bad apples.

There are many common-minded dissenting opinions about the radical version of inclusiveness that the federal government seems to want to promote in Canadian schools.

The main thing is that it violates freedom of expression. However, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network rejected this and instead said that asking for freedom of expression when someone wanted to censor an idea was the same as yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. I am saying. Similarly, the guidebook states that the complaint that social justice is strictly imposed on everyone is simply a very correct dog whistle.

Everything is overkill. Although this new guidebook is not yet part of the education program, its creator intends to encourage thestate government to incorporate its content into the K-12 curriculum.

Hopefully the state government will be smart enough to say "no" to this. The federal government has no place to crack down on students' political views.

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