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Joe Rogan suggests Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's long-lost son

'Hey, I need 23andMe right away, Sir,'Podcaster jokes

Joe Rogan has slammed Justin Trudeau over his reaction to the "Freedom Convoy" earlier this year.
Joe Rogan accused Justin Trudeau of his reaction to the "Freedom Convoy" earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Getty / Reuters

After declaring Canada a communist country last month,Joe RoganPrime Minister Justin Trudeautakes a23andMe DNA test to confirm that he is not a child of Fidel Castro.

Joe Rogan ExperienceIn the podcast segment, Logan told comedian Samtripoli that the similarities between Trudeau and Castro are "wild."

Rumors first spread when Castro's son Fidelito committed suicide in 2018. Several sites,Associated Press, reported that Fidelito left a farewell note. Trudeau was called his half-brother.

The theory that Castro was Trudeau's father was shared after the death of the 2016 Communist Party leader.

The Canadian government denied the report, and AP fact-finding revealed that more than four years had passed. Justin's birth was when his mother, Margaret, met Fidel on her first trip to the famous Cuba.

But as part of this week's podcast, Logan revisited rumors "just for fancy" in a chat with comedian Samtripoli.

"Google, let's take a look at the two together," Logan began. "I have multiple pictures. It's wild. It's wild," he continued looking at the images. "Oh my god, look at the top ... it's wild."

Then Logan jokingly, Trudeau was tested for DNA and the late Pierre Elliott I suggested that Trudeau really be his dad.

"Hey, you need 23andMe right away. How close he looks is wild ... If I were a dad, I would be suspicious like s."

But when Logan saw a picture of Papa's Pierre, he acknowledged the similarity.

"He also looks like a real dad. He looks a lot like a real dad," Logan added. "OK, give up. It's just a coincidence. Look at the nose, shape ... he looks a lot like his dad. It's just fun."

"Hey, we just have fun I'm just there, "said Tripoli.

Last month, when Logan began sharing his dislike of Trudeau about the liberal leader's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and his response to truck driver protests in the capital, Canada "I don't understand at all" about his politics. Earlier this year.

"He was a good looking man, he was confident and good at speaking," Logan observed.

"Then, during the pandemic, I think,'Oh, you're a dictator,'" Logan said. "You don't like criticism. You're trying to stop criticism by saying that all critics are misogyny and racists. He said so about truck drivers. He said they Called all misogyny and racists. "

Looking at their northern neighbors,Logan declared:" Canadian Communists "And the country is "f-ed".

"They have to get rid of the man," Logan said. "He's terrible. He's a sketchy guy. He's doing some volatile transactions. I want to know where the money comes from. Why are you every four months? I hope to be injected. I don't need it anymore. "

As part of the May podcast,Logan was a national coronavirus in Otawa last January and February. He blamed Tordo for handling the Freedom Convoy, which was protesting the regulation.

"Before he was devoted to what he really woke up, I thought he was a kind and sensitive man. I thought it was probably a good temperament to be a leader.

"But the people who were protesting the order, just as he labeled those truck drivers as racists for no reason, were misogynists and races. I have decided to be a racist. "

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