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John Dillinger was terminated in Q-107 during investigation

Derringer was the host of Derringer in the Morning for 22 years.

Q-107 radio personality John Derringer
Q-107 Radio Personality John Dillinger Photo Twitter /Toronto Sun

Morning famous John Dillinger and radio station Q-107 is Splitville.

On Tuesday, Corus Entertainment announced on Twitter that Q-107 and Derringer had split, stating:

“The independent investigation initiated by Corus is still ongoing. Corus has raised all relevant concerns under the Corus Code of Conduct and will continue to , remains committed to a complete and fair investigation that allows all participants to be treated equally.”

Former Dillinger co-host Jackie Delaney quickly tweeted a reply.

How many millions did he get for the years of abuse he inflicted on others? I absolutely hate him.

Dillinger silenced radio for months as accusations of workplace harassment and abuse led the chorus to take a radio hiatus. 

Derringer hostedDerringer in the Morning for 22 years.

When Jennifer Valentine, who worked on the show's production, posted a video on her Twitter in May, she and another woman were unnamed, sociable people. They listed the types of abuse they received over the years from the person. The media lit up with people happily identifying with Dillinger.

His angry and harassed staff testify that he was transferred, dismissed, and dismissed over the years. 

Several women in the media have documented their unpleasant Dillinger experiences.

Jacqui Delaney, Andrea Rooz,Supriya Dwivedi and Maureen Holloway among them.

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I filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission against Inc., but not against Derringer.

In an interview on Tuesday, Delaney said the story ended exactly as she predicted.

said that his payments were between $6 million  and $8 million and were being hard-hit to cover his contract.

"Of course they will pay him. He wasn't going to go quietly. That's what they were busy negotiating. 

"And they've been hiding their butts."

when asked for comment , a Corus spokesperson said in an email. We do not comment on confidential human resources matters. We take complaints very seriously and in this case we have established a process with an external investigator to help us fully understand all aspects of the situation. depends on independent investigators.

Delaney said it made her feel bad to think there was a payment involved. He's abused so he walks away with millions of dollars -- that's on top of the millions he's already made over the years.

Delaney has argued from the beginning that the investigation conducted by Chorus was a hoax. (The law firm conducting the investigation was hired by and paid by Corus.)

"He's gone off the air. He can't let anyone else do this now or ruin someone else's career," Delaney said. "This is his legacy." 143}

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