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June 27 HIV Testing Day in Saskatchewan

June 27 is officially known as the State's Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing Day in Saskatchewan.

This day is in direct agreement with the annual National HIV Testing Day in both Canada and the United States.

"We are proud to be consistent with the national HIV test date as this day raises awareness of the importance of being tested and reducing the stigma associated with HIV. I think, "Health Minister Paul Merriman said in a press release.

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"I hope this is encouraged. Residents can be more comfortably tested, whether in the clinical setting or from a self-test kit."

US Diseases According to the Center for Prevention, about 40% of new HIV infections are transmitted by people who are unaware that they are infected with the virus.

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This day, people test and catch the infection before it spreads to others. The purpose is to encourage.

"Increasing HIV testing, early diagnosis and treatment are essential to combat the HIV epidemic in Saskatchewan," said Shiny Mary Barghese, executive director of the AIDS Program South Saskatchewan. I am saying. The HIV test date in

not only increases the number of tests in Saskatchewan , but also helps to break down the stigma associated with HIV.

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"HIV testing is the first step in effectively diagnosing and treating HIV patients. Vidya Reddy, Education and Information Specialist at AIDS Program South Saskatchewan, said:

"We need to overcome this stigma about HIV. Today's HIV is completely curable. It's a preventable infection. "

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Individuals are advised to consider undergoing HIV testing every 5 years. If you are sexually active, share a drug device, or are pregnant, consider testing more often.

Residents of Saskatchewan can be tested for HIV through doctors, nurse practitioners, community health centers, community-based organizations, or testing clinics. The tests are free and confidential and are available throughout the state.

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A standard blood test may take several days to get results. Alternatively, a rapid HIV point of care test will give you preliminary results within minutes. Lab test. Available in more than 25 locations in the state, the HIV self-test kit can be done at home and requires only a small blood sample from your fingertips.

For information about HIV, the general public can also call HealthLine 811.

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