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"A little measure": North Saanich, B.C. Hire guards to enforce court time for Picklesball

North SaanichDistrict, British Columbia Enforce court time forpickleballat Wayne Park in the aftermath of concerns from neighbors Hired a private security guard to do.

For several years, some members of the community near the park have been concerned about the noise from sports, spills on the streets, and the number of parked cars playing overtime. I have stated.

Mayor of North SaanichGeoffOrr, private security guards (hired at a cost of about $ 3,000 for three months) may look like a "step over", but the district informs Was needed to make future decisions about the court, which said it would help collect.

"A lot of information is anecdotes from neighbors and players," he explained.

"Are players playing every available time of the day? Are players playing for the time allotted for closing the court? Unless some evaluation is done, it. There is really no way to rate it. "

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Security guard option locks timed on pickleball courtgate Instead of calling, it was presented by a city official. Over the years, the city has been considering other alternatives to soothe everyone, such as soundproof fences, berms, and time savings, Ol said.

The district will reassess the use of security guards at the end of September.

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"This is just a small measure. I hope it serves its purpose, play, activity, and We look forward to finding ways to co-exist with the concerns of our neighbors, "Orr said.

Victoria Pickleball player makes a racket at the city hall – April 7, 2022

Pickleball is a net and a racket Or in paddle sports, hard polymer balls. When the paddle hits the ball, it makes a sound of about 60 decibels.

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In March, the city of Victoria Todd on March 31 after receiving noise complaints from neighbors. Removed the pickleball line from the park's tennis courts. Tennis players complained about lack of access to the court due to the popularity of pickleball.

Immediately after these players played an instant match outside Victoria City Hall, the municipality moved to set up an additional court in Beacon Hill.

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Connie McCann, president of the Victoria Regional Pickleball Association, said the sport was "burning." In short, the courts, including Wayne Park in North Sanitch, are being abused.

She told Global News when she learned about Wayne Park, "I say there are a few more guards, but that's what the municipality is doing." "When the sport is on fire, the answer is more courts."

Wayne Park's pickleball courts can be played from 8am to 6pm. Monday, Friday, Saturday 8 am-8pm Tuesday-Thursday, and 9 am-4pm Sunday.

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