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Kingston, Ontario. Congress votes to remove camp from public spaces

The Kingston City Council accommodates all public spacesafter being flooded with complaints from residents surroundingcampsin multiple parks and spaces. Decided to close to a camper van that hasn't been. Across a city in southern Ontario.

Not only are there legislation prohibiting the resurrection of tents in public places, but campers can be evacuated just six hours in advance.

"As a result, the camp protocol has also been re-enacted," says Mayor Brian Patterson. "This means we don't allow camping anywhere in public facilities, anywhere in the city. But again, people are redirected to some of the other services we have available.

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While the council is working on a solution to help those who are not detained. The articles of incorporation were suspended a month ago.

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Some of the options that emerged at the special council meeting designated new camps for some parks. Sometimes it did, but the council flatly rejected the idea.

Instead, the council chose to invest money in other homeless-related initiatives such as more bedrooms and emergency shelters.

Kingston's Portsmouth Olympic Harbor Site Sleeping Cabin is currently in use – January 17, 2022

"We Approved new funding for shelter beds, perhaps new funding for up to 10 additional sleeping cabins in the second location, "says Patterson.

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"We believe these are proven solutions, so these routes instead

The Sleeping Cabin Pilot Project is welcomed as a success by both the city and outreach workers.

A man told the council that he was a graduate of the Sleeping Cabin Program and found a permanent home and job.

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"To survive there after spending the winter and getting the tools (phone, food) you need All that I had to do In the woods I could just put aside, "says Corey, who wasn't given a surname.

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When asked to leave the public park, the city says other options will be offered to each person on a case-by-case basis.

"Street Outreach and Housing&Social services staff continue to provide ongoing support and work with individuals to replace shelters, integrated care hubs, motels / hotels, etc. Offering service options, apartments, medical services, storage, transportation, "the city said in a press release.

Mayor Patterson states that the city has spent about $ 18 million over the last two years to help fight the homeless crisis.

The city is now seeking to intervene in state and federal governments to provide some funding for more transitional housing.

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