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Kup says Rams has what he needs to repeat as a Super Bowl champion

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Los Angeles — Los Angeles Cooper Kupp, a wide receiver, said the Rams have the passion and people to win the Super Bowl in a row, and they can do so if they focus on getting better each week.

In the fifth season of the breakout, Kup leads the league in reception, touchdown reception, yard reception, doing his best to the end, and two touchdown passes including a dramatic game winner. Caught and won the honor of Super Bowl MVP.

"Winning the Super Bowl is very difficult to achieve," Kupp told Reuters.

"Many things have to be done right, including those beyond your control. All you can do is trust and win your process. To trust that you can put yourself in the best possible position for.

"And every week, try to be a better football team. First than week one. I want to be a better soccer team in the 17th week. "

Kup, who suffers from seasonal allergies and is partnering with Pataday to promote once-daily eye drops. Signed a major three-year contract extension of $ 80 million with Rams earlier this month. The $ 75 million guarantee for the

contract is the highest guarantee ever given to NFL wide receivers. This is not bad for the third draft election from eastern Washington.

Selfless Kup, wearing a quarterback Matthew Stafford jersey while signing a spectacular deal, celebrated the success of his teammates, coaches and family.

"This is the culmination of so many people who have been involved in my life and the life of his wife," he said.

"It was in my mind when we headed to the facility to complete things. Touch and guide us in our lives. How lucky and lucky were you to have people?

"I'm just a part of the whole. I'm very happy to be able to protect my family, boys, and children in the future. Thank you.

"We don't downplay it."

29-year-old Kup grew up in the small town of Yakima in Washington, but in Los Angeles. He said he accepts urban life.

"It's far from Washington, but I love it here," he said.

"It's such an incredible crucible of people. There are people from different disciplines."

He gives back to the area as new contracts are secured. Said I wanted to.

"There are obviously some big needs in the city of LA. That's what we're jumping into because we're part of this community," he added. .. (Report by Rory Carroll of Los Angeles, edited by Christian Radness)