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Legal costs for Hamilton's employee vaccination policy are estimated at up to $7.4 million

Spectators were barred from public galleries at the recent General Affairs Committee meeting at Hamilton City Hall.

The action came in a series of decisions Thursday as city councilors received an update on potential legal costs related to Hamilton's COVID-19 vaccination policy for city employees. It took place after an explosion occurred.

Up to 264 city employees face dismissal or indefinite unpaid leave as a result of vaccination status on October 1.

Based on a preliminary arbitration award involving Hamilton's largest employee union, the cost to the city of pursuing a mandatory vaccination policy is estimated at $2.8 million to $7.4 million. I'm here.

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Conference Chair Brad Clarke cleared the gallery and called a break after a series of interruptions.

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Sleep Now It's inside. He'll have security clear the room," Clark said.

After a public outburst following a speech by the Ward 8 Coun, he stepped forward. John Paul Danko called them "anti-vaccine".

"No coercion!" one man yelled from the gallery, while another described himself as "vaccine hesitant."

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Unvaccinated local government workers continue to be supported by District 7. Esther Pauls.

"Who am I as a city councilor," said Pauls. out in the street?

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