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Legault backs MNA Marie-Ève Proulx despite new harassment allegations

"When I spoke with Marie-Ève ​​Proulx, she said she had no reason to complain."

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La Presse Canadienne

La Presse Canadienne

Quebec Premier Francois Legault speaks on investments in green technology and bio food suppliesas as Quebec Minister for Regional Economic Development Marie-Eve Proulx, left, looks on, at the Ocean Vert plant, in Saint-Pacome, Que., Friday, Oct. 29, 2021.
Quebec Prime Minister François Legault spoke about investing in green technology and bio-food supply, while Quebec's Minister of Regional Economic Development Marie-Yves Prou ​​said: Photo by Jacques Boissinot /The Canadian Press

LAVAL — Prime Minister François Legault She reiterated her confidence in MNA Marie-Ave Prue despite new complaints filed against her for sexual harassment. A former Proulx political attaché has filed a complaint with the Tribunal administratif du travail, Québecor news agency reported. Allegations of harassment arose after Prue resigned from Rego's cabinet following other allegations of harassment.

Lego said she would believe her opinion of Prue in this case. "When I spoke to Marie-Ave Proulx, she told me that she had no reason to file her complaint with this person," he said. He added that the former employee had previously filed a complaint with Parliament, and that complaint was not upheld. . "I have confidence in Marie-Ave Proulx that I had no problems with this person. Now I await the court's decision."

Legault Harassed said it would not tolerate any However, her previous complaint against her ended in a confidential settlement in August 2021. When asked how likely Prue is, Lego said, "You can't take action against someone who only has allegations. So let the court decide. I trust the court."

Liberal Party leader Dominic Anglade said Lego would minimize the seriousness of the alleged conduct by keeping Prue as the candidate for re-election on October 3. criticized.

"We are in her 2022. This kind of behavior is not allowed here," she said at a press conference. “By accepting candidates like this, Lego condones this and sends a very bad message not only to the public, but to our youth. Postmedia Network Inc was first elected in 2014 with 54 percent of the vote in the Côtes du Sud constituency, which stretches from Montmagny to Rivière-du-Loup.

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