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Lethbridge Colleges and Universities prepare to fully return to campus this fall

At both the University of Lethbridge and College of Lethbridge, there are only three weeks left until the Fall 2022 semester begins for post-secondary students in Lethbridge.

Two institutions prepared for a return to on-campus learning after more than two years of restrictions, including online learning and vaccination requirements, with little disruption to COVID-19 measures. is proceeding.

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By Natasha Buis Deering, Registrar and Executive Director, Student Enrollment Administration, University of Lethbridge and the recent addition of more undergraduate and graduate programs has given the institution a boost.

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"In her ten years, the University of Lethbridge has grown exponentially," says Buis Deering said.

"Our high water mark was just over 9,000 and we expect to be close to that number this year."

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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Hit Population A Bit Lately received.

Some students were studying from abroad in different time zones, while others were unable to attend at all.

But this year, Buis Deering expects students from other countries to return.

"As we see these study permits approved and students returning to Canada, we are really confident in their experience when they come here."


These students include Kasume Nagawa and Ashley Watanabe, who will be starting English classes as part of an exchange program from Japan.

They are both excited about making new friends in Canada.

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Online I spent half a year of classes online, and after that I had face-to-face classes, but I had to wear a mask," Hasegawa said.

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"We came to Canada, but we don't need masks. We have face-to-face classes here." I can meet many people."

"I think it's great that I can talk with my classmates," added Watanabe.

Lethbridge College Registrar Marco Hilgersom explained that the number of international students is also looking positive.

"But there are always external factors to worry about, as we are not responsible for flights, cancellations, travel restrictions, student visas, etc.," he said. "It won't be until mid-September that we know those students are actually here." not.

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This includes: These include post-pandemic student anxiety, people choosing the workforce over school, and high school students taking a gap year.

"Registration is flat. It's just going to skyrocket (as we thought it would) instead of the kind of growth rate I wanted post-pandemic," Hilgersom said. admitted.

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Neither college or university has a COVID-19 mask mandate or other set restrictions for the fall semester.

Both oversee public health measures through state authorities.

Lethbridge College requires students to wear masks at the campus health center, while L University has installed disposable mask and hand sanitizing stations throughout the campus.

"Although we are not enforcing mask mandates for the fall semester, we strongly encourage you to wear them. We are a very mask-friendly campus," said an associate professor and member of the Campus Reinstatement Committee. One Trushar Patel said:

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"We are continuously monitoring the situation, and with an eye on community cases, we have continued to implement enhanced air filtration systems on all campuses."

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"As a community, if you're not feeling well, we need to remember to stay home," Hilgersom added. I was.

Both schools hosted an in-person convocation ceremony at the end of the previous spring semester.

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