Letters to the Editor, Monday Sept. 17

Unbelievable joke. With NAFTA talks on the brink, and with our auto sector potentially on the line, Trudeau’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland insinuated Donald Trump (elected) was a “threat” and “tyrant” comparable to (unelected) dictators in China, Syria, and other countries. The Trudeau government has sent the clearest possible signal that they could care less about our auto industry and economy being devastated. Despite the damage she could be doing to the country, this demonstrates once again how the Trudeau government is willing to throw Canadians under the bus when they think it will snag them some votes.
Adam Ridolfi
(They have this absurd need to be adored by the anti-Trump crowd and it could very well cost us)

I find it quite amusing that Mr. Tory has said they have to get transit moving, that they have wasted too much time going back to reviews and consultations. Could it be that there are too many people sitting in that big building?
Mary Monteath
Hillsburgh, Ont.
(That has a lot to do with it)

Tom Parkin lost me, and I stopped reading when he attacked Kenney for having an undergraduate (or partial one) from a “religious” university (“Jagmeet Singh was right to call out Jason Kenney,” Sept. 10). Why does the left always vilify Christianity? That’s what his point was by including that word, anyone can read between the lines. What does it matter where Kenney went for his post-secondary schooling? A university is a university. I get that part of his attack was that he wasn’t on the same educational level as the lawyers he mentioned, but this always comes up with the left (attack Christians or ignore attacks on them). I’ll never understand that part of the left’s thinking. I guess to the NDP and the Liberals, for that matter, all Christians are “alt-right” and are therefore expendable.
Mike Adair
(Tom’s an unabashed NDP’er, what did you expect?)

I write this letter due to my concern in regards to the increase in crime. I, being a senior who was born in Toronto during the early ’30s, have watched a lot of changes, some for the best. However, come fall of this year we are about to witness the biggest hike in crime ever imagined. I say this because of the law which will make weed available in stores. A big mistake! We better be ready to hire a load of police officers. I had experience as a social worker for the ministry of corrections where I heard first-hand stories of how young men graduated toward using more advanced drugs. Young people feel like they can handle weed until some dealer approaches them with a drug like crack, and from that moment on whoop dee doo! Besides, how will these schoolkids get money to buy weed? Stealing. So soon you will see stores barred up like the U.S.A. I just want to warn parents what to look for.
Anna Moser
(There will be a social cost after legalization certainly. And we don’t think anyone is quite prepared for that)

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