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Letter to the Sun, August 9, 2022: Political 'rights' don't need well-funded 'voices'

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson.
Founder of Lululemon, Chip Wilson. jpg

Re: Lululemon founder spends wallet on right-leaning candidate 

Given the growing and obscene income and wealth inequalities in our society, the richest people in the world It is not heard in the political arena that one of the people is “right”.

Wealthy people want to avoid the public eye and are usually reluctant to make straight-faced public statements about their lack of political clout, fearing that they will undoubtedly be ridiculed. There is none. The political "right" has historically dominated the political arena, especially since the Reagan/Thatcher neoliberal revolution of the 1980s. In this revolution, radical tax cuts in favor of the rich, government deregulation, and cutbacks in social programs became central tenants of their political program.

In BC, the governments of Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark repeatedly cut taxes and demanded a more balanced budget, resulting in underfunding of education, health care and social programs. I was.

I still have no viable policy proposals from the 'right' to address the climate crisis, environmental and ecological destruction, homelessness, the opioid crisis, land speculation, housing and rent affordability, and poverty. I have never seen it.

Chip Wilson clearly wants more of the same, and wants wealthy donors to pour money into making it happen. The NDP's reform of electoral finance laws to eliminate the impact of public donations gives democracies a reasonable opportunity to work for everyone, not just some at least.

The global fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis. Wilson was able to focus his influence and financial influence on reforming industry practices, thereby contributing to the resolution of this existential threat to humanity. 45}

Incidentally, the so-called "socialist" European countries are ranked in the United Nations Human Development Index as follows: Norway (1), Sweden (7), Netherlands (8), Denmark (10). , Finland (11). Canada is 16th and the US is her 17th.

Jerry Fast, Vancouver

Tip He Wilson and other conservatives want to limit the amount of money wealthy individuals can spend on political campaigns. I don't like to set to get around the rules. No surprises here.

I was in Ottawa when I persuaded the then-liberal government to pass campaign finance laws that imposed limits on political contributions. The Harper Conservatives promptly dismantled these laws for reasons exemplified in Wilson's selfish rant and underlying message. He wants to be able to buy the results of the election. His anger is palpable as the NDP has been in power for four of the past two decades and the government he favors has been rejected by voters.

He and his allies have been working to fund election campaigns, through corporate-funded Super PACs, where politicians are fully watched by the wealthy. I want a structure like south of the border where I am. I doubt our citizens would want that American system.

And hey Chip, hard work isn't just the prerogative of conservatives like you. For most customers who can afford the product that made you rich, it's a reality.

Ken Georgetti, Burnaby

Too late for the Downtown Eastside.

About 70 years ago my father built a lease and a booth on Bamboo His Terrace His restaurant in Hastings Street.

After that, once a month he would go out to eat Chinese food with his parents and sometimes with his brother. After dinner, we walked to Mount Everest Cafe for ice cream.

I remember fondly listening to the server chatter and music as we ate dinner. I was very calm. The food was delicious and I was fascinated by the little brown bag his father brought with him his suit jacket and put it under the table with the cup to take a sip from.

It breaks my heart to see pictures of the neighborhood and of people in distress. The city and state seem oblivious to the urgent need, the suffering of the people, and the danger to our society. depressing and often demonized.

I can only hope this problem is resolved before it's too late. Or has the time come?

Diana Cabot Nimsik, Sally

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