LEVY: BLM, Palestinian protesters beat up on Israel

About 200 angry Israel haters blocked the intersection of Yonge and Bloor for more than two hours Saturday to rage about Zionists, a “pandemic” of white supremacy and defunding the cops.

Not even the scorching sun could stop their venom about the Jewish state, which included questionable claims of “atrocities” carried out against women in prison in Gaza; that Zionists have engaged in “brutality and genocide” and that Gaza is a open-air prison — along with calls to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “place sanctions” on Israel and that all organizations and unions divest from Israeli companies.

Protesters pack into the intersection of Bloor and Yonge Saturday as part of Toronto’s ‘Day of Rage’ anti-Israel protest Sue-Ann Levy / Toronto Sun

The “Days of Rage” event was one of two in the GTA — the other was in Mississauga — and part of rallies and caravans in seven Canadian and US cities to protest plans by the Israeli government to annex parts of the West Bank.

(That plan, which was supposed to commence July 1, has been put on hold pending further talks).

Many of the usual suspects were in attendance, including Kafir Bangis from the committee that puts on the yearly hateful al Quds Day protest, Stephen Ellis of the Toronto BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Coalition, the latter a movement to delegitimize Israel, along with the same three Orthodox rabbis trotted out at every anti-Israel protest.

Kafir Bangis, one of several protesters who took part in Saturday’s ‘Day of Rage’ anti-Israel protest Sue-Ann Levy / Toronto Sun

But their efforts took on an added twist when members of the Black Lives Matter movement told the crowd they were engaged in the same fight and need to work together against white supremacists and to abolish the police.

The president of the York Federation of Students, Sien Saningong Azinwi — who dropped the F-bomb a few times — said the struggle of the black community is very similar to that of the Palestinian community.

She also called the violent incident at York University last November — where anti-Israel protesters tried to shut down a speaking engagement by former members of the Israel Defence Forces — the “fight for liberation,” one which is similar to that experienced by the black community.

“I see the black struggle manifest itself within this (the Palestinian) community,” she said, decrying coverage by the media in the United States of the destruction of property of innocent people.

At one point one of the organizers wearing a yellow vest — who refused to give her name — approached me and tried to force me off the public roadway, indicating that I was not permitted to be in the midst of the protesters, that my presence was threatening to them.

A Toronto police officer quickly set her straight.

Meanwhile, Kimberly Hawkins, owner of Foodbenders, doubled down Saturday after I visited the store Friday to ask her whether she regrets her vitriolic Instagram posts about “greedy, self-entitled, Nazi” Zionists, the Jewish state and contentions that Zionists are not welcome in her store.

She refused to be interviewed; however she did take my $13 for a tiny Keto chicken salad.

In her latest Instagram post she claims she’s being harassed by “white supremacist Muslim-hating losers” and that no one will stop her until Palestine is free.

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