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The Liberal-NDP Agreement Changed the Dynamics of Ottawa's Federal Politics

The Confidence and Supply Agreement signed between the Liberal PartyandNDPthree months ago is common even in the parliamentary cabinet system. I changed the dynamics of the institute. Primarily remembered for the repulsion of another conservative leader and the further polarization of Canadian politics by convoys against pandemic restrictions.

However, the agreement states that MPs will head to the summer barbecue and parade circuits without preparing for known or potential federal elections to take place in the fall for the first time in four years. Means.

The NDP and the Liberal Party have described the agreement so far as a success. For the conservativesand Bloc Québécois, the deal is a frustrating recipe, keeping them out of many house negotiations as the Liberal Party no longer has to wonder which opposition will be their dance partner. I did.

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Under the agreement announced on March 22, the NDP will vote the government in most confidence votes. Offering support, the Liberal Party agreed to cooperate with several NDP priorities.

Since then, the NDP has, in fact, voted with the government not only on confidence bills, including budgets, but also on many motions of no confidence. The NDP MP helped the government limit discussions on some bills and bring them through the House of Representatives to the Senate, including controversial changes in the Broadcast Act.

The Liberal Party has moved to several NDP priorities, including including a national dental program in the federal budget and several housing programs.

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Government Buildings Leader Mark Holland said on Wednesday that the effect of the agreement was downplayed that the main impact would be "providing parliamentary stability."

"In fact, I rarely participate in the Confidence and Cooperation Agreement," he said.

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NDP leader Jagmate Singh feels the deal worked as expected on Wednesday, NDP We are confident that we will continue to serve beyond our priorities in the coming months.

However, he warned that if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not run, he is ready to draw NDP support for the Liberal minority government. He said he intends to push hard to provide more to the government to help Canadians struggling under the weight of inflation close to the record.

"We have made it clear that we also need to check for additional support," he said. "The agreement sets the floor, but does not set an upper limit on what we can ask for or what we can fight."

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Shin and Trudeau are still mandated by several meetings. It is said that the cooperation and information sharing between the parties was good.

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Foreign Minister Rob Oliphant, a Liberal Party member, said from his point of view that the agreement brought Trudeau and the Liberal Party to life. Said that. Those who have been able to move their priorities without the constant threat of defeat.

"I think spring has come a little at his feet," Oliphant said in an interview. "I see him really engaged in the last few months, where I wasn't sure if he was so engaged."

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Oliphant said the deal had a negative impact on the Conservatives and "drifted" them.

"It's about getting the wind out of the conservative sails, because they know they can't beat us easily," he said. "And I don't think they know what to do with it."

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Opposition leader John Brassard had somewhat similar feelings in a scrum with reporters on Tuesday.

"No doubt, there's no question in my head. It changed the overall dynamics of our particular leadership team," he said.

The Conservative Party has characterized an external cooperation agreement between the NDP and the Liberal Party as a coalition government, effectively giving the Liberal Party a majority that failed to win the 2021 election.

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It also marked the end of the Liberal Party's discussions with conservatives, Brother said.

"The official opposition was virtually locked out," he said. "We were the last to hear about much of what's happening in the People's House, because the Liberal Party simply went to the NDP and said," This is what we want to do, "and got their consent. is.

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All lawmakers with occasional signs voted in favor of a law to prevent senior citizens benefiting from guaranteed income supplements and COVID-19 from regaining money, among multiple parties. We tried to cooperate.

In it, the third leadership race in six years exposed some deep divisions within the party, and all conservatives were involved in the civil war.

Erin O'Toole was voted as a leader by the caucuses in early February. Just as a Canadian convoy blocked the streets around the Capitol and across multiple borders, demanding everything from the end to all COVID-19 restrictions. Expulsion of Trudeau.

The convoy colored much of the political situation throughout 2022. Continued investigations and committee hearings on the government's decision to enact the Emergency Act have heightened tensions.

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Details of the agreement between the Liberal Party and the NDP – March 23, 2022

The government has been accused of withholding information that could justify the emergency law. Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino is enthusiastic about police calling for the action, which is inconsistent by both police and his colleague Bill Blair's Emergency Reserve Minister.

The Liberal Party bill is slow. Only four major bills were passed between Christmas and Wednesday, one of which, the Autumn Economic Statement, took a very long time. Some Canadians had to wait a few weeks for the tax refund and couldn't process it until the new tax credit was formalized.

Before the start of summer vacation, both the budget and the new law are expected to pass, in response to a recent Supreme Court ruling on the use of extreme sickness as a criminal defense.

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