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Freeland says liberals will deliver on promise of dental care for children

The Liberal government will deliver on its promise to deliver a nationwide dental program, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Tuesday, but creating a new government program will be complicated. said it could be.

When asked about concerns expressed by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh about the government's ability to introduce a dental program, Freeland said it was one of the government's last budget pledges. said.

"With respect to dental care, the budget made a clear commitment to provide dental care to her children under the age of 12 in households where he earns less than $90,000 a year," said Freeland. told reporters. After he toured an auto parts company in the Toronto area. ``That was a promise I was glad I made.''

``I think this is very much in line with Canadian values. A child's teeth should not rot."

Mr. Freeland cites similarities between promised dental programs and national parenting agreements, noting that the rollout of the government initiative involves planning. I mentioned that it can take longer than that.

"Providing new services to Canadians is complex, and I think Canadians understand that. We work very hard on dental care."

Freeland's comments came after NDP leader Jagmeet Singh told The Toronto Starthat he said if the dental program were to Not implemented.

Mr Singh said he also hopes the government will fulfill his second part of the contract. This is him adding $500 to those who receive Canadian housing benefits.