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"Like a bomb exploded": N.S. A woman shocked to find a bear trapped in a car

When Jackie Young woke up to a barking dog at 5 am on Sunday, she wasn't prepared for what she found on the edge of the driveway in Malagash, North Carolina. House. The black bearof

somehow "broke into" her car, panicked and tore inside her in an attempt to free herself.

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"Horn is Hornk because he was trying to get out. He was just rushing. My car was slanted because he was rushing and literally trying to get the car out of the car. "It was," Young told Global News.

Young says he put a small trash bag in the trunk of an unlocked car and believes that the bear first tried to get it from behind the car. When that failed, the bear was somehow able to open one of the side doors.

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The door closed and a child safety lock in the back seat prevented the bear from escaping. She estimates that the bear was trapped for an hour.

She called 9-1-1 and was advised that a state forestry official was on the way. Meanwhile, she took a short video of the bear at the driver's door and sniffed the window.

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"Oh, he wasn't a happy bear at the time," Young said. "Fortunately, when he left, I managed to rush home. This is not fun because I'm almost 80 years old."

Jackie Young estimates that the bear was trapped in the car for about an hour. Courtesy / Jackie Young

Cumberland County Natural Resources Department Area Manager Reg Delorey arrives at the scene and confirms Young's The unwelcome visitor was an adult bear. He said there were many bears in the community, but "there was no problem with this particular bear."

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He is accustomed to animals coming to Young's property in search of food, and the animals are natural. Surprisingly said that dexterity meant never opening the car door.

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He said the damage to the car was enormous, but the bear's behavior was scared and trapped. I said it was the result I felt.

"He's not an aggressive bear, not a dangerous bear. He was just a bear trying to find food," Delorei said.

Young's 2013 Hyundai Elantra interior was destroyed and her insurance told her that she was not covered because she did not have comprehensive coverage.

"It looked like the bomb had fallen," she said, explaining what happened after the bear got in the car.

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Now she is not only looking for a new car, but also worried that the bear will come back.

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Young is roaming the same bear, the road near her country house, before she thinks she encountered. Similarly, her compost bin was defeated several times.

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She puts $ 3,000 in a fenced beehive that was on her property six weeks ago. She believes she has done considerable damage.

"This bear really did a lot to me, it really is," she said. "I'm not exaggerating. Even one Iota was a big boy. He really is."

After discussing the issue with Delorei, Young Said that he plans to put a freezer in the barn to store compost.

"Bear ... very smart. They will look for food in the easiest place to get it," Delorei said. "A bear comes to your house to look for food, and if he can't find it, he goes on."

Hold a neighborhood meeting

Young said he would like to hold a community meeting with the Department of Natural Resources to talk to his neighbors about how to protect themselves.

She pointed out that her property, which runs a house for her disabled, is clean and does not throw away trash.

"This is amazing. It's amazing, there's no trash here and there. Nothing hassle," she said.

"This is a pretty serious business and I've heard that a few other bears are attacking bird feeders and the like. I'm not the only one."

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According to the Bureau of Natural Resources, black bears are most often attracted to human food, and the most effective ways to prevent bear interaction are: To get rid of that attractant.

"If a bear finds a source of food, it's likely to come back," he reads in the black bear department's handout.

"When a bear finds a source of food, it can come back. In many of these situations, when precautions fail and the bear becomes more and more bold, these" spoiled " You have to destroy the "grown" animals.

If a person encounters a black bear, the advice is to calm down, speak in a firm voice, and leave. Unless attacked by a bear, one should not make loud noises or make threatening gestures.

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