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Lily: Affordable front and center housing at Ford and Tory conferences

Ontario Premier Doug Ford (L) and Toronto Mayor John Tory at a news conference on Friday, Aug. 23, 2019.
Premier of Ontario Dougford (L) and Toronto Mayor John Tory at a news conference on Friday, August 23, 2019.Photo: Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun / Post Media Network

Prime Minister Doug Ford is in progress When asked how he planned to resolve the affordable housing crisis in Toronto, he returned to the theme of the campaign.

"We're going to do that," Ford said.

He stood in the conference room at Queen's Park and asked the mayor of Toronto, John Torrey, a question. Making homes, especially homes, more affordable was an important issue asked by both men.

The report published by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation last week was shocking. It has been shown that more than 3.5 million homes need to be built across Canada to return affordable homes to what they were 20 years ago.

This isn't a total of 3.5 million, but 3.5 million more than currently planned to bring back affordability.

"Around 2003-2004, the average household would have had to spend nearly 40% of their disposable income to buy an average Ontario home."The report states. "By 2021, such households would have had to spend nearly 60% of their income on housing. Restoring affordable levels in these states would reduce housing costs by a quarter. Means to reduce between two-fifths of the cost of housing when labor costs, supplies, land and development costs are all rising. "

It will be difficult to reduce.

Mayor Tory defended the move by directly asking about raising the city's development costs by 49% when affordability was an issue.

"By law, all of these development funds are the infrastructure needed to make sure there is sewerage and there is water to make sure there is transportation. Will be used to pay for the Tories, "said the Tories.

Ford praised the Tories for being a good partner in Toronto, but warned other municipalities that had passed official plans to limit the amount of land available for housing. Ford said that as the state's population grows, municipalities such as Ottawa, Hamilton and the Durham region need to help increase housing supply rather than restrict land use.

"As you know, I have to tell the people there that everyone has to attend and can't put all the burden on Toronto. No, "said Ford.

Ford said land is one of the most expensive elements in building new homes of all types. He said the state should play their part in making the land available, and the municipalities with the available land should do the same.

"For the people of Ontario, we need to take advantage of all the stamps on the land needed to build affordable rental housing," Ford said.

The Tories have called on CMHC to stand at the table, stating that all three levels of government need to be partners in order to reduce the cost of housing of all kinds. He agrees with many of the reports, but said they need to come to the table with enough money to play their part.

It will take years to get into the turmoil of the housing we are in and then years to get out of it, but we see all levels of government now talking about the main obstacles. Is a good thing – out of supply.

More homes need to be built to reduce the cost of homes. This means that development approval should be facilitated, unnecessary regulations that do not improve health and safety should be removed, and government-owned land at all levels should be used. ..

Blame foreign buyers and speculators may get politicians in the news, but it doesn't solve the problem – this is progress.

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