LILLEY: Trudeau not building secret COVID-19 internment camps

No, Justin Trudeau is not creating internment camps to lock people up during COVID-19. Despite the emails you may have received, the social media posts you have read, this is not happening.

I’ve been getting all of the information sent on to me but let me assure you, it is false. In most instances the claim is the same, Trudeau and his Liberal government are building secret internment camps to isolate people during COVID-19 and the media simply won’t tell you about it.

I mean, everyone knows the media is in on secret and the media does everything that Trudeau tells them to do.

Well, not quite.

Look, there are plenty of reasons to be critical of the Trudeau government when it comes to their COVID-19 response, but there is no need to make things up.

Back in September, the government sought proposals from private sector suppliers on their standard Buy and Sell website. They posted one request for “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” that got tongues wagging.

I’m more critical of the Trudeau government than most, but they are not setting up camps.

What they are doing is looking for a place to house people who contract COVID-19 and can’t self-isolate. Imagine an apartment or small house with a full family, they may not have space for someone with COVID to isolate in the basement.

These sites already exist across the country at hotels and other sites rented out to let people recover from COVID while not spreading it to family members.

As I said, we don’t need to make up reasons to be critical of the Trudeau Liberals – or even provincial governments – there are plenty of real reasons.

We can critique how they were slow to deal with the border when COVID was still something we only imported from the outside.

We can critique how they messed up the wage subsidy, making business owners wait for two months, which forced many to lay off workers they could no longer pay so the employees could at least collect CERB.

We can also critique their dismantling of the National Emergency Strategic Stockpile and the early warning system known as the Global Public Health Information System.

But internment camps? Those aren’t happening.

But if they do, I’ll not only let you know and I’ll help fight against them.

“The Government of Canada (GoC) is considering engaging a Third Party Service Provider for Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites that will be used to house and care for people for public health and other related federal requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response,” the posting stated.

This wasn’t a solicitation for bids or a promise of contracts. This was a request to the private sector to say, hey, if we need to isolate people, what do you have that we can use.

That got taken by some to mean internment camps were coming.

That’s how Ontario MPP Randy Hillier put it in questions to the government.

“I ask this government if people should prepare for internment camps,” he asked.

In fact, Hillier used the language of internment camps twice – once on Oct. 7 and once on Oct. 9. I’ve known Hillier a long time and covered him for a long time, but this is playing fast and loose with the facts to portray things this way.

Hillier’s video and posts online would make you think we were about to get the kind of internment camps we saw in the Second World War for Japanese-Canadians and others.

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It’s reminiscent of the claims that FEMA camps would round up people in the United States. During the Bush years the left claimed this was imminent. During the Obama years the right claimed it was coming.

It’s one of those claims people love to make but it’s not true.

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